¡Vamos a España!

Miguel and I are leaving this Friday for a three week trip to Spain, and we’re hopefully going to document the whole thing in stories and photos.

Anyway, most people don’t know this, but I am one-quarter Spanish. My Grandma Eva was born in the Pyrenees a long ol’ time ago. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many stories, because she remained tight-lipped about the family history due to some vendetta, something I know all about now, but that I’d rather not discuss at this time, in writing. Hence my assumed name.

But I do know in which town she was born, Berdun, way up high in the mountains, and that’s on the itinerary. We’re landing in Madrid – Miguel has cousin there – and then to the north, and then who knows.

I’ve been studying my Pimsleur CDs like mad. Miguel’s been teaching me all the good words. We’ve been watching Aldomovar films. We’re ready. Stay tuned.


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