Barcelona Bound

I am getting complaints from readers about spelling. I am not sure if this is in the body of the message or what, but I would like to address this issue now. Blogspot does not have a spellcheck available, and without this tool, I am useless. And I am sorry, but when they said Tharagotha, I just thought that was how it´s spelled. Get off my back.

Moving right along, we were not successful in finding Berdun physically, although we did eventually find it on a another map at the chain store Corte de Ingles, kind of like our Macy´s. It´s right off of a major highway. Berdun, that is. We´d go tomorrow, but we´re off to Barcelona. But we´re thinking about trying again after Barcelona, but we made an agreement, and that was to plan nothing. That way, we´ll never been disappointed. So far so good!

Today we roamed the streets of Zaragoza. The reason why this city is so important is because, to make an exceedingly long story short (like two thousand years), the Romans once settled this place. In fact, underground, in the plaza in the center of town, there is a museum. And this is the part where you might see that my short term memory is pathetic because I can´t remember what anything´s called. But there´s a museum undeground that shows actual ruins of a Roman settlement along the Rio Ebro. The reason why it´s underground is because the actually moved the city up several meters, due to the ever changing width of the river.

And another reason why it is significant is because even after it became this Roman Empire suburb, they were always on friendly terms with the Moors, so Moorish architechture abounds.

I´m going to cut to the chase. People here are nicer than in Madrid and smoking isn´t as common. And that´s another thing. In Madrid, sometimes you will encounter “Non-smoking sections”, for example in the Renfe (traveling by train) office. Upon entering the premises, you are immediately met with the “smoking zone”¨sign, which makes up most of the interior. It immediately struck my interest. What ISN´T a smoking zone in Madrid? Far off in the corner, on the most uncomfortable seats available, there is the smoke-free zone. There was one fellow sitting there, pathetically, in the corner, and I was wondering, why go through the effort? It´s not like the smoke knows that there is a zone.


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