What Other People Do For Fun

USARA National Championships 2006

Ken’s team’s triumphs at the USARA National Championships, set to music.

Many people say to me, Katie, you’re such a daredevel, the way you dodge pylons and crash into telephone polls (story to come) like that. Well, they obviously haven’t met my friends.  Take Ken White for example. Ken likes to stay up for thirty hours straight to kayak, mountain bike and trail run through frozen lakes or deserts or down cliffs. It’s called Adventure Racing. Something tells me this is never going to take off like jogging did in the 70’s.

Ken just got back from the ARA Adventure Race National Championship in Santa Barbara. He, along with teammates David Darby and Colleen Ihnken, finished second overall in the Masters division in just 29 hours and 47 minutes after making a fateful wrong turn in the mountain bike section.

Ken writes:

True confessions–if we had won the USARA National Masters title, I was going to “retire” from “serious” adventure racing. But since we finished 2nd…I want to thank all the people who have trained with me; raced with me; encouraged and supported me. Chances are, if you’re reading this e-mail, that’s you! Thanks…and keep it up–only 359 training days until the 2007 National Championships.

The first thought that comes to my mind is what does he mean by “serious” adventure racing. Is there a “just for fun” category? I think that we should all get behind Ken and root him on to victory for next year, if only to put an end to this misery.


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