June 28, 1981

This is another unedited entry from my diary.

My sister woke me up again. This time she sang I’m a Believer. I must say she’ll never make it as a singer. Her singing reminded me of a terrible song my Aunt Mary taught me.* It goes like this.

When you’re all alone and blue,
Noone to tell your troubles to,
Remember me, I’m the wan**
Who loves you.

When this whole world brings you down,
Not a true friend can be found,
Remember me, I’m the wan,
Who loves you.

And through all kinds of weather,
You’ll find I’ll never change.
Through the sunshine and the shadow,
I’ll always be the same.

We’re together right or wrong.
Where you go I’ll tag along.
Remember me, I”m the one,
Who loves you.

Then my mom came into my room with Lolly. Lolly jumped on my bed and licked me all over. I swear, if I didn’t stop her, I would have drowned. Well, I finally got out of bed and went to the bathroom to dump and came back into my room to write in my diary. Maggy came in my room and started acting weird. She finally left and sang “I’m a Believer” and played with my horses.

I ate my breakfast and all of that stuff.

Then I played cars with Maggy and Sarah came and we played cars. I got board so I invented a language. Maggy and Sarah ran through the sprinklers.

Then Nina came and so Nina, Maggy and Sarah ran through the sprinklers. Then I ran through the sprinklers with them. Nina and Sarah got bored and so did Maggy. Sara said, “Ha ha, Katy’s*** all left out.” So I called her Stupid Sarah in my made up language which is STRTEPRRUDJ PSTIRIPCK. But everybody except for me went to Sarah and Nina’s house and I went inside to write in my diary.

About ten minutes after that I started watching tv and my best friend Becky called. And she came over. We got in a fight about reading diary’s and shooting people with rubberbands. Then I sat on her and she sat on me. We went in my room and we disqussed Great America. On my birthday I want to invite her to go to Great America with me. Her brother and his friend were going to go to Great America and so was Becky. Becky was going to invite me. Darren invited some more of his friends so we couldn’t go.****

Later when Becky was gone we gossiped on the phone.

Later I rode bikes with all of my friends. But then I had to go inside. I watched tv and went to bed.

* I am not sure why I said this song was terrible. I only know that my mother hated it. It brought back terrible memories of her childhood, because I guess my aunt would torment her with it. We would chase my mother around the house singing it and she seriously did not think it was funny.

** My aunt has lived in St. Louis for forty years, so I can only guess that that’s how I heard her say the word “one”.

*** I changed how I spelled my name in the 7th grade after weeks and weeks of searching my inner-self. Each day of the week I’d spell my name differently. This is not documented in my diary, but I remember doing that. I didn’t like the way Katy Kelly looked, with the two y’s.

**** We never went to Great America.


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