Google Maps Pedometer

So maybe a GPS system isn’t in your cycling budget. Here’s something my Mako teammate Russ White told me about. It’s called the Gmap Pedometer. Designed for logging walking routes, the Gmap Pedometer lets you map out any route just by double-clicking on a map. The image below is a Topo view of my usual lunch time Lucas Valley Road loop. 


Notice all the mile markers. Here’s the same route using the regular Map view.


You can even click to show the route’s elevation and how many calories you would have burned. According to the Gmap Pedometer, if I walk all 27 miles, I will have burned 2582.6674572040683 calories. But who has the time?

Warning: Double-clicking out an entire route can take a good chunk of time out of your day. Not as much as the ride itself, but it is significant.

The good news is, you can save the route as a Bookmark and then share it with all your riding pals. Here’s my route.


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