June 7th – July 12

More of my eleven year old thoughts.

Today we went to Boppy and Grandma’s house. We went to the Muppets. I thought it was going to be live but it wasn’t. We just saw the puppets. But was real fun anyway.

The next day we went to the Pacific Ocian. That was fun. I liked the sandcrabs. I like the way they dig into the sand. I love the waves. Maggy was crawling around like a horse in some of the waves. They weren’t higher than our elbows.

The day after that we went swimming over at Gayle’s house. We got there and went inside and met Moose, Gayle’s dog. He’s not as big as he sounds. Actually he’s a little bit smaller than Cleo. After that Maggy and I went swimming. Her pool is cold. After that we ate lunch and had sandwiches and lemonaid. I don’t like lemonaid. It’s too spicy. During lunch, we met Scott, Gayle’s son. He’s 18.

After lunch, we went swimming with Scott and Grandma. Then we went home.

The next day, we sanded my mask. Nothing important so we’ll go to Saturday.

Today we didn’t do much. There really wasn’t much to do, but Grandma did open the kiln. Let’s get onto tomorrow.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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