And Now for Some Truth

Yesterday, three people came to my blog searching for the following terms in their search engines:

  • you notice a piece of paper stuck
  • 6a735ac626632225821dc906c224b589a980299c
  • Heads up everyone! Please keep this circ

I have no idea what that second one is about. I searched on the first one, just curious to see what would come up. My own post, perhaps? Number one on Google is a site called Truth or Fiction… Your Email Reality Check (my blog is number five). So, this whole leaving-paper-on-the-back-window tactic to confuse female drivers, steal their cars with their purses left inside and then driving over them to their deaths, is this truth? Or is it fiction?

Beware of Car Jackers Who Leave a Piece of Paper on Your Rear WindowFiction!

bullet Summary of the eRumor
A warning that says that car jackers are using a new method for distracting you in order to steal your car.
They leave a piece of paper stuck to your rear window.
When you get into the car, start the engine, see the paper in your rearview mirror, and get out of the car to remove it, the car jacker jumps in and drives away.


bullet The Truth
It pays to be wary of any unique scheme a thief might use to take your car but there is no evidence from law enforcement agencies that this has happened at all. gives even more information on where this e-mail may have originated. The conclusion is that these e-mails should be deleted and not forwarded, because…

…in our already crime-plagued society, perpetrating false warnings just spreads unnecessary fear and alarm.

No kidding! I’m still mustering up the courage to go outside and get a burrito.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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2 Responses to And Now for Some Truth

  1. Brett Howell says:

    NOOOOOO! Burritos can kill you. Didn’t you hear about the food poisoning problems at Taco Bell a short while ago?

    It would best to pick up some fresh spinach at the grocery store then just go home and fix yourself a nice fresh spinach salad.

  2. Katie says:

    I eat a salad every day. Does this mean I’m on a self-destructive path? If I ate this salad in front of people, would they jump in to stage an intervention? “Put the spinach down, Katie. You have so much to live for.”

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