Stop Global Warming! Drive to our Party

I haven’t completely latched on yet to the movement, although I’m on their e-mail list. Sometimes, I sign their petititions but I think they’re hypocrits. Would that make me a hypocrit?

Yesterday’s e-mail was Act in San Rafael to Stop Global Warming.

Dear MoveOn member,

This Saturday thousands of us are getting together from Nashville to Salt Lake City to watch An Inconvenient Truth, hear from Al Gore live, and take action to stop global warming. Want to join us?

So then what’ll happen is, all these people will gather together to watch this film in somebody’s home and then partake in a ten minute conference call with Al Gore who’s going to give a few more words about stopping global warming. 

The only way you can get there is by car. It’s the car that got us into this global warming fiasco, isn’t it? There’s no public transportation information even listed. Not even carpool information.

In MoveOn’s defense, they say that if this location doesn’t work for you, you can host a stop global warming party of your own. So here’s my idea in the name of social experimentation. I don’t have the guts to try this, but I think that somebody should. Host a “stop global warming” party but tell all invitees that they can’t drive to the party, even if the party’s  out in the ‘burbs. You can only get there via bicycle, walking or public transportion.

My hypothesis is that nearly all will complain that those three methods are too inconvenient.

Somebody prove me wrong.


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2 Responses to Stop Global Warming! Drive to our Party

  1. James in Houston says:

    Remember the first “Earth Day” was all about stopping “Global Cooling”. When we failed to have a new ice age it was decided that perhaps things were getting too hot.

    Mrs. Gump called it best. “Stupid is as…”

  2. katiekelly says:

    I thought Earth Day started in reaction to an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara.

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