There are 173 People Named Katie Kelly in the U.S.
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people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I grew up believing my parents were playing some kind of sick joke on me, naming me Katie Kelly. I mean, it may sound cute now, but that’s only after years of evolving my character and not to mention therapy.

One time, when I was hanging out at Togo’s – because that is, for whatever reason, what we all did in high school (as well as the Butter Cup Pantry, but that was on Friday and Saturday nights) – this classmate of mine who worked there said, “Katie Kelly, what’s your last name?”

I stood there in silence, trying to make sure I understood his question correctly.

“Uh. Kelly?”

“Your name is Katie Kelly Kelly?”

I’m going to introduce you to three or four other Katie Kellys now who all have websites and blogs of their own. I am doing this so that you do not confuse us with each other if you were to meet us all one day, because, as I am sure if you were to ask any of us, we would tell you that there is no imitation!

  • Out of all the Katie Kellys, this one is my favorite because I have known of her the longest and also due to her ecclectic interests. Alas, she has not updated her website in eons, but this can be forgiven because something tells me she is off doing very interesting things. I wonder if she still likes galaxies. Katie Kelly says:

My name is Katie Kelly. I live in Powell River, on the west coast of Canada. Take out an atlas and look me up. See that little line showing the seperation between BC and the Pacific Ocean? That line is where I live. One of the most beautiful places I know.

“I like galaxies!” -me in May of 1999

  • FYI,  Katie Kelly is playing at Kelly’s Pub & Eatery this December 23, 2005. Katie Kelly has not updated this site once in all this time and I think it’s about time she give this domain over to someone who might actually use it.
  • Katie Kelly paints, cuts hair and loves pro bono. She also claims to have been abducted by a family of turtles in March of 2006. Katie Kelly, if you ever read this, can you please explain?

Well, that’s about it with all the Katie Kellys who are doing anything interesting. There’s one more blogging Katie Kelly, She’s off to a good start I’d say, but she hasn’t updated her blog since September of 2004. She’s not pulling her weight.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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88 Responses to There are 173 People Named Katie Kelly in the U.S.

  1. Katie Kelly says:

    Sorry- I have no website – just another Katie Kelly, but i got mine by marriage. While you may not like the name, it beat my maiden name of Gruenenfelder! But I have had people ask me what my last name is too. And many people try to call me Kelly, or feel they must ask which is my REAL name. I must be pretty weird googling myself, but I enjoyed your site/comments. !

  2. katiekelly says:

    Katie Kelly, I think you’re normal Googling yourself. How do you think I found all those other Katie Kellys?

  3. Katie Kelly says:

    I too am Katie Kelly . . . although I do not have a blog, I would say I am another KK doing something interesting!! You may have thought your parents played a cruel joke on you, but think of my poor cousin, Kelly Kelly . . . now that’s just not right!

  4. katiekelly says:

    Katie Kelly, I’ve never met a Katie Kelly who DOESN’T do interesting things.

    Your cousin’s birth name was Kelly Kelly? Well, it does have a nice ring to it, I guess.

  5. Katie Kelly says:

    How many others of you Katie Kelly’s have been asked if your middle name starts with a K? Come on, our parents like cute names, that doesn’t mean they’re part of the clan! I have to admit, i am sad my name isn’t special, but look at all the cool people i get to share it with!

  6. katiekelly says:

    I HAVE been asked that before. It’s always followed by nervous laughter, AS IF it’s actually funny. Har har har. My middle name is Ann, but used only when following Katherine (my birth name) which sounds way too grown-up for my tastes.

    Katie Kelly, your name IS special!

    I’m diggin’ all these comments to my blog. It looks like I’m having a conversation with myself!

  7. Katie Kelly says:

    Wow! It’s me–Katie Kelly–checking in.

    I was asked what my last name was in high school as well–my teammate thought my name was like Marianne.

    Glad to hear that the other Katie Kellys are interesting folks too!

  8. Katie says:

    Hey – how goes it with all the other Katie Kellys. My full name is also Katherine Ann Kelly.
    yep – i’ve gotten the “does your middle name start with a K?” before.
    and half the people i meet call me Kelly instead of Katie. – i tend to not even correct them anymore.
    i’ve lived in Japan, Hawaii, Maine, California, New Jersey, Minnesota and i’ve visited France.
    i’m vegan
    i’m buddhist
    i’m american
    goin to college to be a marine biologist
    uhhh yeah that’s about it

  9. katie kelly says:

    Hi its just one more Katie Kelly in the world. I live in Michigan. I also do hair, paint and bartend. My full name is Katie Anne Kelly random huh?

  10. Ricardo says:

    Amusing. But you can all also be proud to share the KK heritage with Karol Karol and with his maker. Karol is a character (alterego?) in Krysztof Kieslowski’s Blanc.

    (Sorry for being the first non-KK to pollute this list of comments 🙂

  11. katiekelly says:

    I admit that when I heard the name Karol Karol on your podcast, I thought, “Wow. And I thought I had it bad.” But if this is Keslowski’s alterego, then his own name cannot go without mention. We can make one exception for Krysztof Kieslowski, our Polish brother. I mean, just say his name outloud. He’s been there. May he rest in peace.

  12. Katie Ann Kelly says:

    I am also another Katie Kelly. I too have gotten the” does your middle name start with a k”. kinda annoying.

  13. formerly katie ruth kelly says:

    how many of you are red heads?

  14. Katie Kelly says:


    wow this is amazing.
    i knew that there were people in the world
    with the same name as me.

    but it’s crazy that there’s a site on it.

    my name is also Katie Kelly.
    well at least that is what i go by.

    My full name is Kathleen McKinley Kelly

    which i think sounds way to formal.
    so ever since i’ve been little people call me
    Katie Kelly

    & i’ve had some of the same problems as you all
    like people asking me what my last name is
    & if my middle name starts with a K

    i can deff. relate

  15. peter brown says:

    There are 3,593 people in the U.S. named Peter Brown.

  16. Katie Kelly says:

    Many people that I have met, have informed me I am not the first Katie Kelly that they have met…. and now i see why!
    My full name is Kathryn Emily Kelly….

    and everything that has happened to you guys above…. has also all happened to me. Rarely do people call me Katie… its always Katie Kelly.

  17. katie kelly... says:

    i live in donegal in ireland…. i know that there is also another katie kelly in letterkenny in the north of donegal… i woz not bore katie i woz born Katherine… but i feel the name is too mature for me, i agree in full with all the comments left, numerous people have asked me does my middle name begin with a ‘k’, is my name katie kelly kelly… and above coment, NOONE calls me katie… its always katie kelly, which i find very fustrating,
    i have pity for the girl called kelly kelly…(“,)

  18. Amie Gross says:

    I’m actually trying to get ahold of a Katie Kelly in Michigan and I think she mmight have posted on here. If you read this, KK, I’d love to reconnect and see how you’ve been!

  19. Katie Kelly says:

    Another Katie Kelly here! Although even worse, my middle name is Olivia, which gives me rather unfortunate initials. Not as bad as having a K middle name but still.

    I second the above complaints that no one can ever just call us Katies. People seem to really love the ring of the whole thing…it used to bother me but at this point I can’t fight it any more!

    I am from Ohio, living in Jersey right now studying to become a bridge designer. And I like cupcakes and football and traveling!

  20. KATIE KELLY says:

    Hi, another Katie Kelly here in Chicago. I am named Katie not Kathryn or Kathleen. My middle name is Anne as well…..does anyone else get people who will actually giggle after you tell them your name. HOW RUDE! I get the “so what’s your last name” all the time. I don’t think I can change my name if I ever get married. Too many people call me by my first and last or KK.

  21. Does anyone say your first and last name together, really quickly? Like KATIEKELlllLY?! My full name is Kathleen Wynne…and to 2quote a Katie Kelly, “yep – i’ve gotten the “does your middle name start with a K?” before.
    and half the people i meet call me Kelly instead of Katie. – i tend to not even correct them anymore.”

    I’m in high school, I’ve moved 13 times and lived in 8 different states. I enjoy marching band, video games, and shiny things.

  22. Katie Kelly says:

    Hi! I am Katie Kelly! It’s awesome that there are so many more people out there with my name! Sweet! Holla!

  23. Katie Kelly says:

    i love my name.

    i always get the middle name thing..

    im kaitlyn maureen kelly

    never just katie. its always katie kelly.

    ive found that most katie kellys ive met are really cool =]

  24. Katie Kelly says:

    hey, yet another Katie Kelly.

    I too get called by both 1st and second name. I really like our name, its so catchy, people don’t forget it! None of us would ever need a stage name… unless two of us got famous… hmmm

    I’m from Sheffield in England. I currently work as an entertainer on a holiday park. I am also 6ft tall and very blonde, so I stick out like a sore thumb!!xxx

  25. G.J. Keane says:


    I actually made a men’s necktie for people with the last name “Kelly”. If at all interested, please let me know and I will send you the flyer / picture if ever it comes up as a unique gift you’d enjoy to give.

    Be well,


  26. katie kelly says:


  27. katiekelly says:

    Well, so I see we have a real Katie Kelly debutante amongst us! Katie Kelly, we are honored to meet your presence. Thank you for gracing this blog post with your charm!

    The e-mail address she left is I get this feeling that she was trying to be cheeky.

  28. Katie says:

    Hey! Im a Katie Kelly too! The good thing about the name is that no one can spell it wrong.. its so easy. But then again the whole “kkk” thing has been brought up with me too.. funny but still …

  29. Katie Kelly says:

    Yep…another Katie Kelly….
    I think its a renounding trend that all of you Katie Kelly’s out there have had that “middle name” question, along with the fact that apprently Kelly is an easier name to remember then Katie…aaaaand no one can ever just call me Katie, its ALWAYS Katie Kelly…. I actaully like my name. Lots of people say I should be famous just because I have a cool name already and it fits a celeb. As I dont know about that one, I will still try on that celeb thing on for size of the oppurtunity comes about! Oh and by the way, Im from Wisconsin.

  30. Kate.E.Kelly says:

    This is great. I had no idea there were such places like this. I…as well….am Katie Kelly. My name is ACTUALLY Katie…no Kathryn, Kaitlin, Kathleen, etc. I am Katie Elizabeth Kelly. Hmmm, I guess its a worldwide phenomenon…the fact that people tend to remember Kelly before our first name. I rarely ever get just Katie. I get KK, Katie K, Kakes, Special K, KEK, just to name a few nicknames. And of course the occasional inquiry about my middle name starting with a K.

    I actually go by Kate now that I am older…tried to make my name sound a LITTLE more adult. Though people still tend to call me Kelly more than anything, and they also get fixated on the fact that I am the girl with three first names.

    Ahhh us silly humans. 🙂

    Anyway…glad to know you’re all out there…kind of interesting—the similarities we experience around our name. What an amazing, uniting force amongst strangers.

    Peace sisters-

  31. katie kelly says:

    hey im a katie kelly too , only i may be different as im from ireland , so hopefully thats a new one for use lol xxx

  32. Hey there,
    I’m Kathleen Patricia Kelly.
    Someone once said to me, “if you’re middle name was Katherine, your parents and I could be best friends” Ack!
    In elementary school a friend asked me, “Katie Kelly, what’s your last name?” I was 9 and I said bacon.
    For some reason a lot of my professors call me Kelly.

    Why don’t you email me and we can talk about that domain name.

  33. Katie M Kelly says:

    Wow! So many Katie Kellys. I’m not an actual Katie, my full name is Katherine and I’m a Kelly by marriage. However, I love my name just the same. I’ve had people tell me how much fun it is to say Katie Kelly Katie Kelly….. I also had someone ask me if my last name was Katherine once when I told them my name was Katherine Kelly. I guess Kelly is easier than Katie. I’m used to being called Kelly though. My husband is in the military and they call everybody by their last name, so I usually get called Kelly’s wife or just Kelly.

    On a different note I also worked for a company with an HR girl name Kellie Kelly. That was her born name. I felt bad for her.

    I’m glad to meet all Katie Kellys

  34. Katie Kelly says:

    omg my name is katie kelly, and EVERYONE-even my friends- sometimes call me kelly! its sooo annoying! and embarassing! im not that old by the way, but i felt like googleing myself! so anyway, yepp

  35. Katie Kelly says:

    im Katie Kelly! actually, Kathryn Kelly. Kathryn M Kelly! so many people call me kelly! its sooooo ughhh annoying! i love my name though!
    nice 2 meet all these katie kellys!

  36. Katie says:

    I’m one too! Everyone always says it “sounds like a super hero name” I happen to love it.

    Hope everyone else enjoys it too.

  37. Katie Kelly says:

    Hey! i had no idea there were so many Katie Kellys. I’m Katie Kelly too, and I love it, nobody ever forgets your name…Although, it is difficult for most people to call me just by my first name, “Katie Kelly” just rolls right off the tounge! 🙂

  38. Katie Kelly says:

    Here’s another katie kelly. no katherine, katilyn, or kathleen… just katie. katie liane kelly. don’t wear it out… not.

  39. katie kelly says:

    Wow there alot of katie kellys!!
    im a ketie kelly here in chicago and im a katelyn
    anne kelly.

    ya everyone calls me katie kelly. all my teachers. everyone.

    its a really awsome name everyone tells me.

    i think so too. 🙂

  40. katiekelly says:

    Wow, two Katie Kellys in one day, less than an hour apart! What are the odds?

    It IS an awesome name.

  41. Jeanette Kelly says:

    I found this because my husband wants to name our 2nd daughter Kaitlyn (our last name is Kelly) and I am worried she may be scarred for life if we do that to her. Reading all this has helped me though, it seems like you all don’t mind your names, and my first name is Jeanette and I still get called Kelly all the time – I think that’s a Kelly thing nothing to do with your first name cuz whoever heard of a last name of Jeanette???? 🙂 Some people are just too self involved to pay attention to details. Thanks for this site!!!!

  42. katie kelly says:

    well this is cool. im another katie kelly from new jersey and ive never met anyone with the same name as me. ive been asked the same question millions of times and yes it gets old, but i really like my name and so do all my friends. they all say it really quickly like its one word and tell me that i have two first names (like i didnt know). but hey, everyone remebers who i am!

  43. Katie Kelly says:

    I too am named Katie Kelly. I too have been asked if my middle name starts with K. I used to think that was lame until I met someone with those very three initials! Thanks goodness she got married! Oh, I’m out in the Seattle area.

  44. Katie Kelly says:

    I’m a Katie Kelly too- from the Chicago area. Wow- i can’t believe there are sooo many people out there with this name!!! I always hated my name…people always made fun of the fact that i have two first names!!!! and it’s ALWAYS sooo annoying when people call you Kelly!!!!

  45. KATIE M. KELLY says:


  46. katie kelly says:

    haha katie kelly
    some people call me kelly katie.

    an so many people say whats your last name.
    or whats your middle name.
    ton of people tell me to never changhe my name ans that its the coolist name ever!!!
    welll it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. katiekelly says:

    I’m a katiekelly too.
    my initials ARE KKK and my boyfriend of 4 years last name is a k.
    i cant get away from it.
    funny thing is, my parents didn’t think of it being an issue. my dads best man was black!
    i am a hair stylist, and I’ve found that my name has really helped business. people love it.
    i merged katie+kelly together, so people will call me katiekelly. i plan on keeping it as my first name after i am married as well.
    i get asked a lot what my last name is, and it has definitely given people some confusion.

    anyway, i’d love to know some more kk’s!

  48. katiekelly says:

    im a katie kelly too!
    mary katherine kelly!
    i live in maryland

  49. Katie Kelly says:

    whoa this is freaky… just randomly googled my name, so wasnt really expecting a huge list of katie kelly’s.

    I’m another katie kelly.. surprise! 😀
    well really im a kathryn marie kelly who gets ‘ktkelly’ said extreemly fast and in some form of tune. i just think its funny nd go along wit it

    I’m from Australia nd think this site is great!!

  50. katie_kelly says:

    this is really freaky, you all have my name! mine’s actually just katie kelly though. no middle name, no shortening, just katie. and it’s REALLY annoying.

    i always find it’s people who don’t know me who do the “katiekelly” thing. my real friends don’t say both coz they know how much i hate it. i knew this girl at school who actively used to enjoy saying our name (haha “our” name) over and over again whenever she saw me. really creepy.

    i don’t mind our name but i’m not a huge fan of it either. i think i’d feel much better about it if my first name were katherine or something because then at least you get a bit of choice over what people shorten it to. or at least have some kind of middle name to break it up a bit. ah my mum’s twisted joke (she changed my name a month or two after i was born. although she actually calls me kate just to confuse everything).

    so anyway a brief bio. i also get the kkk question and have people make up middle names for me to fit in the extra k like “how’re you doing katie-keighley-kelly?”. generally it’s people i like who do it which makes it more irritating coz i can’t really yell at them. i’m from london and have lived in ireland and leeds and i’m currently studying in the states. i love that you all seem so interesting! stay cool guys!

  51. Katie Kelly says:

    Hi! I’m a Katie Kelly too. My birth name was Kathryn Mary Kelly but the nickname stuck. I cant even count how many times people have asked if my initials are kkk (lol) and people also call me by my full name instead of just Katie [i dont like people calling me Kelly]. Katie Kelly has such a nice ring to it I receive a lot of compliments 🙂

    I live in New Jersey and I go to school for graphic design. my fathers a bartender, whom ive barbacked for a few times and I’ve been waitressing for 2 years. funny how many things in common we all have 🙂

    but i love my name. im going to try and keep it when i get married but who knows.

    quick! someone make a myspace/facebook group! haha

  52. jarret says:

    well my sister in laws name is katie kelly my wifes name was kourtney kelly and my other sister in law is koniie kelly katie kelly konnie kelly kourtney kelly call em all kk for short watch em all turn their heads=D

  53. Katie Kelly says:

    I’m a Katie Kelly too. This was an interesting name for me during the 50’s and 60’s. Not too many Katies then, let alone Katie Kellys.

  54. Katie Kelly says:

    I too am a Katie Kelly. Well actually Kathleen Patricia Kelly, but I’ve always been KatieKelly as well as all of you…never said separately. I can’t even tell you how many time I’ve gotten the middle name question and not once have I thought it was funny like they asked! To make it worse, one of my best friends name is Kelly. We always get the question “hey wouldn’t it be funny if her last name was Katie so it would be Katie Kelly and Kelly Katie?” No, it would not be funny and way to be original. Other than that I love my name, no one ever forgets it!

  55. Kati Kelly says:

    I am so happy i came across this website. I am a Kaitlyn Kelly always Katie Kelly growing up. When i was like 12 i changed my spelling to Kati because too many people used the e. People always comment on my name and say it like katikelly is my first name. I CONSTANTLY get called kelly which i absolutely hate, but who can blame them i guess.

    this website made my day

  56. Katie Kelly :) says:

    my name is also kaite kelly! I also have been called kelly- quite often actually. People do ask me ALLL the time if my middle name starts with a K too! What really gets on my nerves about being a ‘Katie Kelly’ is that people ALWAYS call me KatieKelly, not Katie, KATIEKELLY! Haha, there’s only 1 other katie in my grade. Anyway this site is amazing 🙂 Yay Katie KElly’s 🙂

  57. Katie Kelly :) says:

    well someone should start it… i’d join for sure!!! 🙂

    and now there’s 177 katie kelly’s in the USA

  58. Katie Kelly says:

    My name is also Katie Kelly, Katie being my entire first name, and let me tell you how annoying it is when people ask “So what is your full first name?”…um hello its just KATIE!! Its like people are so surprised that my parents would actually name me just Katie instead of Kathleen or Katherine. Well, they didn’t like the shortening “Kathy” and were going to call me Katie anyway, so might as well just make it as simple as possible.

    I love my name, but do get all the same stupid questions asked about my middle name all the time. It is Louise though, which I feel sorta ruins the cuteness of my name.

    I dont really get Katiekelly that much but definitely Kelly all the time…I’ve stopped correcting people.

    I’m from Long Island, NY

  59. katie kelly - of course! says:

    so, uh who’s gonna make the facebook!!?!! i vote- KATIE KELLY! 🙂 no but for real, someone make it!

    • Katie Ann Kelley says:

      Lol thats weird my name is Katie Ann Kelley

      • Ketie kelly says:

        My name is Katie Ann Kelly too!! except you spell ith kelley.. but the thing is when I say katie ann kelly it soulds like Katie and kelly haha.

      • katiekelly says:

        I’m Katherine Ann Kelly (this is my blog), but I’ve always been Katie. But I always thought my full name was Katherine And Kelly. It so threw me for a loop when my mom said her middle name was Jean. I thought she was Patricia And Kelly.

  60. Katie says:

    Im another Katie Kelly and i always get commonly asked questions like ” Wouldnt it be cool if all your enitials were KKK?” Or the “Is your last name really Kelly?” My actual first name is Kaitlin.

    I mean the name i must say is pretty catchy! But i dont get what you mean by it being so sick by our parents calling us that???

  61. Katie Kelly says:

    Hi! I just googled my name and this came up, I thought it was too funny! I liked reading about all the other Katie Kelly’s in the world, and am very sad that when I get married, I will no longer be a Katie Kelly! Is that wrong? I love the name!

  62. Katie Kelly says:

    HI! I’m Katie Kelly (by mariage). I live in Saratoga, NY. I love my when people say my name is cute. I get to smile and agree. I love that I’m not the only one who googles my name…

  63. Navy Watcher says:

    Katie Kelly joins the US Navy Blue Angles..

    Public Affairs Officer:
    Navy Lt. Katie Kelly, 27, of Elgin, Ill., is currently assigned to Navy Office of Information West. She is a 2004 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. She will join the team in 2011.

  64. Ketie kelly says:

    I know haha! so many people r like that is a really cool name! I can see you on your own talk show or something! haha and what’s with the question what’s your middle name? NO it does nottt start with a K! haha My middle name actaully starts with an A. But I love my name, I don’t want to change it when I get married haha but I’m gonna name my daughter Kelly so it’s cool! 🙂 love, Katie Kelly*******

  65. katie kelly says:

    I’m a Katie Kelly too…what are the odds that there’s actually a website like this. My full name is Katherine Grace Kelly but I always thought it sounded like an older person name I go by Katie 🙂 I used to think it was such an inconvenience having this name, when people ask me what my name is I always just say Katie and hope they leave it at that Lol. I’m also from CT.

  66. Katie Kelly says:

    Another Katie Kelly here, from the Chicago area. I’m actually Catherine Mary Kelly…i hate the name, but i feel better knowing there are many more people out there that have it!

  67. katiekellllllllly says:

    you guy’s when’s your birthdays? wouldn’t it be crazy if we had the same birthdays? mine’s February 9

  68. Katie Kelly says:

    I never expected this when I Googled my name. This is way cool. My name is Katie Louise Kelly. From Kawkawlin, Mich. This would be great on Face Book.

  69. Katie Kelly says:

    I am making the facebook group! search for, my name is katie kelly

  70. Katie Kelly says:

    Wow, this is a great blogging site for all of us!!

    Thank you to the “original” Katie Kelly who did this (blog site) for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers to Lt. Katie Kelly, USN Blue Angels…It sure will be fun to see her fly!!!

    Happy New Year to all Katie Kelly’s!!!

    Kathryn C. Kelly, “Katie”

  71. Katie Kelly says:

    Another Katie Kelly here. I am Kaitlyn Siobhan Kelly, and I love my name. I get the same stuff – with the middle name, in fact when I was younger I was mad at my parents for not naming me KKK (haha that was before I knew that it even was). I have always been around so many other Katie’s – it was just easier to call me Katie Kelly off the bat because if someone asked who you are with and they say Katie – the next question was which Katie? – that didnt happen with me!

    Also with the Kelly thing. I work for my father at Kelly Insurance, and every female here gets called Kelly all the time and their names are not even close to it. – its just a Kelly thing!!

    I just recently got married- and I was sad to lose the Kelly legally – but everyone still calls me Katie Kelly with my new last name! I get complements all the time saying that I have an awesome name!! So all KATIE KELLY’s be proud of it!!

  72. Katie Kelly says:

    haha this is all very amusing, I am Katie Kelly as well. I am constantly asked about my middle named…but the most annoying question i’d say is when people ask me what my real name is, and I tell them it’s katie, they are like its not short for anything? It says that on your birthday certificate? ….also people always refer to me by my first and last name …pretty interesting that there are so many of us with the same exact stuff…nobody ever makes fun of my name though they all love it, my sister on the otherhand, her name is kerry kelly…she gets a lot of crap for that..

  73. Katie Kelly says:

    I am also Katie Kelly, I live in England and i love my name even if people do call me Kelly!

  74. I love my name and no one is ever able to just call me katie, its always Katie Kelly. I actually could not be happier with my name

  75. Katie Kelly says:

    I am yet another Katie Kelly…. it’s just Katie not Kathrine, or Kathleen… just Katie…. I love having this name and would never trade it now for anything….I’m glad to know that there are more people out there with this name….

  76. Katie Jane Kelly says:

    Hey all the Katie Kelly’s out there it’s nice to meet you! I’m Katie Jane Kelly!!!!! I love to be Random and all my friends call me Katie Kelly or just Katie and sometimes make fun of me and talk about the stupid kkk thing boy does that ruffle my feathers! Usually i just ignore it though and laugh it off! Btw my birthday is June 21st ! Summer!

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