Happiness Is…

Happiness is doing loads and loads of laundry and ending up with the same number of socks that you started out with.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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2 Responses to Happiness Is…

  1. Alan Sheidler says:

    At this house, “Happiness Is” doing loads of laundry for two boys (young teen, and pre-teen) and not getting the unhappy surprise of having washed and possibly also dried any of the following items: Game Boy or Game Boy game program cards, ink pens, chewing gum, candy, notes from school or other important pieces of paper.
    Actually, maybe my “H I” can be updated now to: Having ehildren who often do their own laundry! But I do miss the occasional bonus of spare change. Yes, I did give back the ten-dollar bill, because I knew whose it was, and he was crushed that it had been “lost”. Money makes it through a cleaning in fine form, BTW. Lost socks happen here all the time, but I can’t blame a hungry washer for that, there are other culprits.
    Oh, and yes, i still autocross, hooked as deeply as ever. perhaps you just needed a bigger challenge or thrill… remember the Phantom ride? I hear there is an AM for sale in soCal…..

  2. Katie says:

    Nearly every day I find a new definition of happiness. Today it was, wow, I can get a bus transfer and take a second bus downtown and avoid walking in the rain, and it’ll take me right to Starbucks.

    The first time I knew that you could wash money – is that “money laundering?” – that was another happy day. Even better: I got to keep it!

    In regards to autocross, I’m afraid what I really need is an endless budget and a 25 hour clock.

    Thanks for writing.

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