Mundane Journeys

mundanejourneys1.jpgMiguel and I saw this piece on this the other night on KQED. By the way, please don’t let Bush stop Sesame Street, NPR, and Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Thank you.

Founded by Kate Procrass in 2001, Mundane Journeys offers tours of San Francisco for those curious to see it in a way they haven’t seen it before. You can either take a ride on a tour bus, or do your own self-guided tour by calling the Mundane Journeys Hotline. The tour changes weekly to “call attention to easily overlooked, everyday details.”

I just called the hotline! This weeks assignment, if I heard correctly (I called twice but my phone’s batteries are nearly dead!) is to walk, bike or take public transit to the corner of 23rd and Mission.

Then go to the corner store called, if I heard this correctly, “That Bit at the Center of the Mile Corner Store.” I could be wrong.

Then we are to go up to the counter and ask about the meaning behind the name. If we want, we can call back and report our findings.

To be continued…


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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