Now You Too Can Find Relief

I’ve been suffering symptoms of an ailment that I can only describe as a deep inflamation of the soul. Have you experienced this? It’s not quite heartache, as that would be the blues. This is different. Symptoms include shaking hands, and feeling like no matter what you do, you’re just not doing it right.

I was wondering about the long term ramifications of untreated soul inflamation. Would it be like a scab that you keep picking? Or like someone continually kicking you in the soul, so much that it’s bruised deeply to the bone? Over time, would cells collect to create scar tissue to heal and protect the area? But in the end, wouldn’t you be left with an inflexible, rigid soul?

Well, that’s what I was going to write about, and then I read about this medication that sounds like it might provide some relief.



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I grew up in a parking lot.
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One Response to Now You Too Can Find Relief

  1. donna says:

    I am laughing just looking at FUKITOL. Imagine if I starting taking it. I’d like to be their rep.
    Thanks Katie for your dose.

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