September 19, 1981

In this journal entry, we see my ever-growing obsession with time juxtaposed against my hypochondriatic tendencies. 

Today’s date is 9/19/81 at 5:45. I played a game of soccer today. It is now 5:46. During the game I hurt my heel. It’s been hurting for about a week. It is now 5:47. Today it’s been hurting real bad. It is now 5:48.

I think I figured out Roman numerals. It is now 5:49. I think it is something like this. It is now 5:50. IVXLCDM. (Author’s  note: The corresponding Arabic numerals were also scribbled below, but their true meaning is, as of 3:05, 2/27/07, unknown.) It is now 5:51. Over and out!

I am XI years old.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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