I Saved $8.21 with My Safeway Club Card

I’m not saying that this should matter to you. It probably shouldn’t. But it matters to me. And someday, maybe soon, I can tell you why. Well, I’ll tell you why. Let’s say, I have made a series of mistakes. I can even tell you almost the precise date of when this series began. It started in October of 2001, when I went to Sausalito Cyclery, now called Mike’s Bikes, and I rode Darth around the building, and I thought to myself, Yes. Yes. I can put this on my credit card. My brand new Visa credit card.

Then there was that trip to Spain and now a mouth filled with orthodontia — do you really need me to go on?

I’m turning my life around. For example, I only go to Starbucks and/or Peet’s on special occasions. I have figured out, for my off days, my own special French press coffee recipe. It’s really easy. You just use some Trader Joe’s Columbia Supremo coffee beans, ground, but not too finely, heated by the near boiling water — not boiling! — for one minute in the press, not a minute more, not a minute less, then press the press, of course, and then pour it into a cup already half-filled with heated milk, because my homemade coffee tastes nasty.

You can get great deals with your Safeway Club Card. Just the other day, I purchased four half-pints of cottage cheese for $4. I hate cottage cheese, but what a bargain!

My refrigerator is stocked with Safeway Club Card bargains. I just looked in there now, and thought, Tomorrow might just be a good night for sushi.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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