The Castlewood Country Club, 100 Years Ago

Castlewood Country Club

All the rich kids at Foothill High School were from the Castlewood Country Club. This postcard depicts, obviously, the era just prior to its development. Some of my friends lived there, and we’d go swimming in the country club pool. They didn’t strike me as being rich kids, really, just gracious and kind to flatland folk like me. I grew up in the streets of Pleasanton. It was rougher out there.

I just found this by digging around Penny Postcards from California. You should try it yourself. Maybe you’ll find something from your town.

Here’s 4th Street in San Rafael, where I live now.

Fourth Street, San Rafael

It doesn’t look that different now.

Other postcards sadden me, as they depict what California would have looked like, it it weren’t for America’s growing obsession with the automobile. Here’s Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley when there were street cars.

Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

I don’t know if it’s healthy for me to cry for a past that I never experienced.


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