YouTube Is Letting Me Down

Well, this isn’t any fun at all. I had posted two YouTube videos, or so I thought, but neither appeared, making me very cranky. So, I include links, fully recognizing that it’s not the same thing.

The first is the most accurate representation of cyclists that I’ve ever seen. Ever. Even better than Breaking Away.

And this second is frightening evidence that there are some things the French do better than we do. Or at least the Nouvelle Star band is kicks ass over the American Idol band. Well, you be the judge.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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7 Responses to YouTube Is Letting Me Down

  1. Chris says:

    I couldn’t even watch the second video past about 45 seconds. That was just torture. At first, I thought he actually was singing in French.

    They cycling one really does hit home 🙂

  2. katiekelly says:

    That wasn’t French?!

  3. indi says:

    Both videos where there, little youTubes, like normal. I viewed it via Google Reader.

  4. Breeego says:

    I can’t decide who was hotter – faux Morrison or the guy on the red bike.

  5. katiekelly says:

    His name is Julien Dore, to those wanting to seek out more footage. His take of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is what turned me into a fan. I appreciate his vocal control and lyrical interpretation, I mean, aside from the choreography. But it was his audition with his ukele that stole my heart. Well, that and that they were speaking French so I have no idea what they were really saying.

    These videos did eventually appear on my blog, like, four days later, so I deleted them.

  6. jul !!! says:

    i can’t believe that julien is already an internationnal star ! ^^
    i’m french and totally in love with him ! he is so hotttttt !!!
    whatever the song he’s just perfect !

  7. Helsinki says:

    I am a big fan of young Julien. I’m French, so if anybody wants any translation of what he (or the jury) said on TV, during “Nouvelle Star” programs, just let me know, I can try to help a little.

    I have to admit this young fellow doesn’t speak English so well, but I’m sure he’ll make some improvement from now on !

    Hello to everybody reading this !

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