This Is The Best Blog Ever

If you don’t follow Bay Area cycling, which is okay, then you’ve probably never heard of Tracy Nelson. I have been a “fan,” so to speak, ever since her days of Too Funny For VeloNews on the VeloBella website. My personal favorites are her race reports when she assumes the voices of Phil Ligget and Shakespeare. I read these reports outloud to Miguel one day, finally utilizing my theater degree from the esteemed Bakersfield Academy of Performing Arts. For once, I had a captive audience, but I’m telling you, it’s all about the material.

When she left Velo Bella to race for a squad with no worthy website whatsoever, I was sad. I had to start my own blog to fill in the gaps. But then, recently, she returned with a blog of her own. And I tune in daily. There are lots of good blogs out there, especially by other cyclists, but hers isn’t just about cycling. She talks about all sorts of tantalizing subjects, namely, the people she works with. I couldn’t get enough about her foibles in the office. It was better than Dilbert, and almost as good as The Office.

[Note that I have scanned her blog to find these posts to bring you up-to-speed, and I cannot find them. I am either not searching very well, or their absence might be explained below.]

Yesterday came the post that sent me over the edge. While I sat glued to my chair, my hands covering my gaping mouth as I read this entry, a part of me wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. I sat paralized in my chair for a good two minutes. I did not realize just how powerful a blog post could be.

And so I present to you with evidence that this is quite possibly the best blog ever, as it brings us face-to-face with our deepest fears.

Update: She has since removed this post, too. Argh. That’s too bad, because it really was quite brilliant. My hope is that she’s saving these posts to publish in a big, fat book one day, because they’re that good, I’m not making this up. But I’m afraid that now I’m going to have to default to this kid as the best blog ever, written by a 10th grader in the East Coast. WordPress has even given his blog a Best Blog in Training certification.


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