Readers Write

It’s nice having a fan club. Really it is. It feels good knowing that people believe in me. Take this comment from an old family friend in Atlanta, Georgia, from my post Scenes from the Parking Lot:

Good to see that you still enjoy autoxing. Your parents told me that you have been bicycle racing and have had several injuries in wrecks; I hope that you give this up and go back to autoxing in your Dad’s Lotus.

It just feels good knowing that my parents are spreading the good word about me. And it’s my Mom’s Lotus, and it’s sitting without a motor in the garage, but whatever, I hope to autocross it again one day, too.

I got another nice comment from an autocrossing fan in Canada.

Heard about the biking incident. Sucks.

Okay. The “biking incident” happened five years ago.

Moving right along, my sister, who is in close cahoots with my supportive parents, decided I’d make a great subject for her Exercise is for Crazy People Sports Psychology class she’s taking, so not only am I receiving fan mail, I’m the subject of important interviews.

I am also not really sure that this is the name of the class, but, based on her questions, I don’t think I’m far off. As we did this entire interview in Yahoo! Instant Messenger, I can present to you a portion of the transcripts here.*

maggy372: So let’s go back to the “biking incident.”

katiekellyrules: ok

maggy372: Can you recall your emotional state, before, during, and after the “incident?”

katiekellyrules: okay like 1st of all i was like rilly happy, wee, this is, like fun. then I remember like hot pavement, and then darkness. and then voices.

maggy372: Tell me about the voices.

katiekellyrules: theywere just sayin shit like, “Oh my God, Katie, don’t pass out, stay awake, Katie, stay awake!”

maggy372: Can you tell me about the helicopter ride?

katiekellyrules: there was a helicopter ride?! no wonder i am in debt.

maggy372: So, now you’re in the hospital. Is this where your addiction to morphine began?

katiekellyrules: Is THAT what Mom told you?!

maggykelly372: Moving right along, let’s talk about the present day.

katiekellyrules: word

maggykelly372: Can you explain your bicycle in the kitchen? On that stand thing, whatever it is?

katiekellyrules: It’s called a trainer, Maggy.

maggy372: Can you explain a little more?

katikellyrules: it’s good fer, like, when it’s raining or cold or dark out and you want to ride your bike in the safety and shelter of your own home.

maggy372: Can you remember the turning point where you believed that this was normal.

katiekellyrules: Maggy, everyone does this.

maggy372: A bicycle in the kitchen, Katie.

katiekellyrules: I’m trying to stay fit.

maggy372: BUZZ!

katiekellyrules: What!

maggy372: You don’t think this is extreme? Come on, Katie. A bike in the kitchen.

So, I’m not really sure what she was trying to prove in this interview. A little later, she asked me about my emotional state before a race, and what are the other people like.

katiekellyrules: most r cool cept for MEREDITH and people who believe her.

maggy372: I didn’t do it!

katiekellyrules: What?

maggy372: No. I mean yes. I mean I read it. But I didn’t write that!

katiekellyrules: Are you saying you wrote that?!

maggy372: No! But Katie. Blocking for twenty miles straight? Only you in your heart of hearts will have to live with yourself.

katiekellyrules: Byotch.

She better get an A for this interview.

*Portions of this interview were completely made up. Meredith will know which parts.


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  1. Chris says:

    My family thinks I am wierd too. It is all good.

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