Fashion Has Its Cost

As some of you might know, how I look on the bike is very important to me. And so I am constantly researching all the latest trends. And I found a very good blog post outlining these very significant trends, the one in particular that I’m speaking about being “stem angle.”

I consider this to be a very reputable source, another cyclist I do not know (this proves her credability) named Martina Patella who races for Team Value Act Capital. My coach is their race director, which only adds to her credability. Here is what she says about stem angle, a very crucial element to bike fashion:

Next I’d like to highlight a sensitive issue: the stem angle. I think that your bike will always look its best when the stem is run in the negative position. Of course, this might not be possible for all people and I’d like to encourage fit over fashion here. However, when you have a….

I want you to know that my eyes glazed over the “I’d like to encourage fit over fashion here” part. I thought, I’m plenty comfortable on my bike. In fact, I’ve been too comfortable lately. I have not felt any nagging aches in pains in a year and a half, thanks to my beautiful Orbea and fit by Dario. Why, I think I should put my stem at a negative angle, so I can at least look like a pro, and maybe I won’t get dropped at the next crit.

Two riding days have passed, and I now I’m telling you, do not sacrifice fit for fashion. Please, please, please, do not do it.

But all of her other fashion advice is well worth heeding. But I guess now this means I have to get my ears re-pierced. Ugh.

But I’ll do it. Whatever it takes.


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3 Responses to Fashion Has Its Cost

  1. Chris says:

    That just looks painful. I will take your word for it.

  2. katiekelly says:

    Getting your ears pierced isn’t that painful. Just a prick. But the maintenance.
    Oh, you mean the stem angle?! If you have triceps of steel, it is not painful. See my post on bingo arms. I’m raising my stem today!

  3. Amy Williams says:

    Wow, that was a learning experience – now I know how to break in to the racing biz in style. According to my calves I will be starting at cat. 6….

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