Julien doré et des fans

He’s already coppin’ the tude.

Note to international readers: I have no idea how to translate this into any language.

But I think asking for autographs is so, so lame. It means that you will never, NEVER be able to mingle this person in any social context, like, should you happen to bump into him randomly in the library or something. You will forever mark yourself as a “fan.” Don’t do it!

My former boyfriend Gumbo Lambrusco had a better method for mingling. One time, he was in an elevator with that guy who played Kramer on Seinfeld. This was before his racist slurs were broadcast to the world. Anyway, because of the extreme tempurature changes from going outside of the elevator going in, Gumbo suffered from some minor digestational condition, and farted on the guy who played Kramer.

That is still a thousand times more cool than asking for someone’s autograph.


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2 Responses to Julien doré et des fans

  1. donna says:

    Julien Dore truly can’t sing and there are so many better covers to “I Put a Spell on You” and Tainted Love” it’s just that the French have never heard them before because they weren’t sung by a French dude who spent lots of time watching Jim Morrison and learned how to stare off in space, suck the mike,wear low cut pants and most of all look, like a tortured soul.The French love the French who idolize
    Americans who disliked America and lots of other things. Just my insignificant read on
    it all.A Banksy quote I love is , “I just want to be different just like everybody else.

  2. katiekelly says:

    Your observations of Julien Doré are fair. To me, it is not a question of Julien Doré’s singing ability. It is that in the context of a national talent search, with what we thought would have strict, conservative guidelines to find the next “new thing,” this fellow, who at first appeared to do nothing more than take the piss out of the judges and audience, won the bloody thing. I don’t think that could happen in America. We don’t like having our senses challenged. It’s why we shower so much.

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