Things You Can Do To Make the (My) World More Pleasant

I was going to use this post to complain about some things that have been bothering me over the years, but I decided instead to put a positive spin on it and offer these as suggestions. Most of these are very easy things to do, some of these you even learned in school, most entail a little common sense, and if you practice these things around me, you won’t make my hair stand on end, and I will like you more on a subsconcious level.

Just pretend that this even matters to you.

1. I like people who know the difference between a subject, and direct and indirect objects. I really do try not to pay too much attention, and base my friendships on hopefully more important criteria, but this is my blog and so I’m just going to say it.

You might be asking, What is she talking about. (By the way, I couldn’t care less if a sentence ends in a prepostion. I am not anal; I just have ideals.) Well, let’s take a sample sentence, one that makes my ears hurt:

If you have any questions, just ask José or I…

It’s that “I” part. That is just so wrong. Why not just scrape your fingernails on a black board, why don’t you. What is the subject of the sample sentence? You. Therefore, you cannot use “I” here because it is the object. You should say, “If you have any questions, just ask José or me.”

I even read on someone’s blog, and I’m not kidding, something like, “So, then I asked him over to Mark’s and I’s house.”

Please. I beg of you. Don’t do that. The only thing worse than this is correcting people who do get it right.

2. I like people who wait until they are 100% positive that there is no oncoming traffic before taking their and everyone else’s lives into their own hands and to cross the double-yellow line to pass an obnoxious group of cyclists.

Obnoxious groups of cyclists should be stopped, but causing physical harm to them, or to others as collateral damage, is not the solution. I’m specifically referring to, today, what happened on Cece’s Hill towards Nicasio Saturday morning. The sad irony is that the hill is called Cece’s Hill in the memory of Cece Krone, who was killed by a drunk driver.

Last Saturday, driver crossed the double-yellow line to pass a group of cyclists, and ended up driving head-on into a motorcyclist traveling in the other direction. The Honda went off the road, and the motorcyclist is lucky to be alive.

Critics will blame the cyclists for taking up the whole road, and will point to their “lack of common sense” replaced with a sense of entitlement.

I don’t consider wanting to live a sense of entitlement. I do think that feeling like you own the whole damn road, cyclist or driver, is. But, again, there is no excuse for disregarding life. None, zilcho, and dammit, I’m complaining again. These were supposed to be suggestions.

Please drive safely.

3. When you’re trying to strike up a conversation with new people, rather than ask what they do for a living, why not ask what their passions are? What do they do for fun? What lights their fire?

I feel deflated when someone asks me what I do for a living. Maybe I am alone in this, but I just feel that there is more to a person than what he or she does for a living. I am much more curious to know what a person is about.

I write user’s manuals, by the way.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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3 Responses to Things You Can Do To Make the (My) World More Pleasant

  1. lauren says:

    i have fun for a living.

  2. vanderpoop says:

    user’s manuals?

    … oo ooo! write one for me, er…I!

  3. katiekelly says:

    I need a new job.

    And “Vanderpoop,” you’re doing a fine job of writing your own. I turn to you before VeloNews!

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