Какое удивление!

Kakoe udivlyenie. What a surprise. 

My cynicism is so deep and efficient that my respect for Alexandre Vinokourov plummeted as soon as I read that he’d won the 15th Stage of the Tour de France by a landslide victory, just a day after his dismal 14th stage performance. I didn’t need to wait for the positive blood doping test.

Today’s VeloNews top story: Vinokourov tests positive; Astana withdraws from Tour.

I am so cynical that I was suspicious after his Time Trial win, the stage in which he actually tested positive, but only felt secure in this assumption after Stage 15.

Maybe I’m not so much cynical but a realist.

Maybe he knew he had nothing to lose, and just wanted a taste of the forbidden fruit. Not having ever been in his shoes, nor will I ever, I can only guess.

I jumped into this sport too late to have any real heroes anyway, but one more drug doping scandal and fallen hero confirms my previously held suspicion that if you’re going to idolize anybody, why not let it be God or Jesus or some superhuman figure who’s very existance is debatable, not just due to a significant lack of evidence, but because it’s just so hard to fathom that any human being could be that good. We aren’t. Parts of us are. It’s why we want heroes. We want the people around us to inspire ourselves to new heights. You just have to find the right ones.

I, for one, shall continue to believe in what I cannot see.


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One Response to Какое удивление!

  1. dan says:

    “I, for one, shall continue to believe in what I cannot see.”–the very definition of faith

    Hebrews 11:1

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