I am Tigerlily Bulge of Hobbiton, who are you?

Every morning, I scan my favorite blogs, one of them being VeloBellaBabble by Sabine Dukes Ivy Loamsdown. In reading the comments connected to her discourse in which she compares the looks of professional cyclist Bradley Wiggens to a hobbit (even his name could be a hobbit’s, she says), I found a link from Ivy herself. Click it, and you too can discover your true hobbit name!

Warning: The creator of the aforementioned website advises that due to high traffic, response may be slow or non-existent. But we’ve all known it takes patience to seek one’s true identity anyway.

If you delve deeper into the webpage, you can also learn your Elven name. Mine is Tári Arcamenel.

This is going to make my traveling so much easier.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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