I Like PMS

It’s the one time during the month when I say what I really mean. I wish I had PMS more often.

I first became aware of its power when I was a was a young teenager. As I’m PMSing at this very moment, it’s not hard to describe what was going on without too much fear of repercussion. Once a month, I would become accutely aware of the gross injustices commited against me in the name of “maintaining the peace” within our home.

“You’re older,” my mom would say. “You should just let your sister have that space on the couch.”

“But I’m already sitting on the couch. I’m quite comfortable here. I’d rather she get off me.”

“Just move.”

“This is bulls___.”

“You’re about to get your period again, aren’t you.”

And so, I learned from a very early age to ignore my PMS meter. Don’t we all?

But not anymore. Now when someone asks me if I’m PMSing I say, “Yes, but not enough.”

I need chocolate.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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One Response to I Like PMS

  1. Chris says:

    HA! I can’t use that as an excuse. I just have to admit to being a DI@K.

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