I’m Free

So I know that people might think that maybe I’m a bit freaky for hiring a “cycling coach.” Lots of bike racers do this. We need someone to tell us what to do, basically, because we are babies.

My old coach, Ruby Bolger, and no, that’s not her real name, whom I like quite a lot, said I needed to train by myself most of the time, in my proper heart rate training zones, and so that’s what I did for three years. I won’t argue against this methodology, but I was growing lonely.

Sometimes, Miguel would ride with me, but complain that he was getting bored at riding at ten miles an hour all the time.

“But I have to stay in my zone,” I’d say. He was a very good sport, most of the time.

Sometimes, Ruby would tell me I could splurge. “Go out, have some fun,” she’d say. “Ride up to zone 3.”

Zone 3 meant that at least I could ride with the geriatric set on their three-wheeled bikes.

After awhile, I started getting depressed. If my coach is telling me to have fun in zone 3, and I still can’t ride with the fast riders, maybe I’m not cut out for the races. I mean, especially since I’m getting dropped all the time in the races.

Minto Proudfoot is my new coach. You won’t find his name in any directory because that’s not his real name. He is very expensive with a reputation for being tough. And I can tell you that after three weeks, it is true. His workouts are tough.

If I keep getting dropped after this, then I’ll know I’m not cut out for racing.

Minto says that fast rides are crucial. He says that I need to do group rides, the harder the better. He says that the human body is like a hypothetical gasoline tank, where after you drain it, you get even better gas mileage.

We are magical gasoline tanks!

At this time, the only thing that matters to me is catching Miguel on that next climb. Not that I have to catch him on that next climb, but now I can at least try to catch him, because I’ve been freed from the heart rate monitor. I am now a slave to that sweet ache that’s telling me I better to bed right now so I can make it through another day tomorrow, because this is exhausting, and it’s only October!


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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