That’s Some Blind Spot

Heading home on Magnolia through Larkspur, I was nearly run over. My light was green, I had just passed the intersection, and in the corner of my eye, I could see the SUV merging into the lane behind me from my right. As he was making no clear effort to slow down, I swerved to the left which gave him just enough room to come to a screeching halt, narrowly missing me.

During and after the course of this maneuver, I also yelled out many loud sounds, and, miraculously, none of them were obsceneties.

Then, to further illustrate my unfavorable view of this situation, I waved my arms up to the sky, clearly a carry-over from all my Spanish language instruction. I’m becoming a more passionate communicator.

The driver then drove up along side of me with his window down to engage in a play-by-play discussion of what just transpired. Believe it or not, I am not making any of this up. This is exactly what was said.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I said.

“Hey, I’m really sorry.”

“My light was green, yours was red. That’s all I have to say about that.”

“You were in my blind spot. I’m really sorry.”

“You should be!” I said, as he sped off.

Blind spot? How can a cyclist in front of you be in your blind spot? Unless you’re blind?

Who lets these people onto the road?


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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4 Responses to That’s Some Blind Spot

  1. some cars have a blind spot that runs vertically where the windshield meets the side of the car. a skinny little girl like you could easily get lost in a blind spot like that.

    glad you’re okay!

  2. Jake says:

    That’s true. I drove a Honda Element once, and the a-pillar blind spot is big enough to lose an entire school bus. There’s also a big blind spot behind an SUV driver’s cell phone, which is invariably in front of their faces causing them to squint at the tiny screen and scowl. Even the scowling can limit vision. That’s why SUV drivers should be outlawed. Glad you’re okay.

  3. Panda says:

    Oh, jeez, that’s really scary. If he was turning there’s pretty much no way you could have been in the blind spot the WHOLE time…glad he didn’t getcha.

  4. CP says:

    Ah yes, the A-pillar blind spot. It’s possibe… on the LEFT side of the car, turning left! My Golf has that issue with pedestrians in 90 degree city turns, to the left, if they’re walking in a direction/speed that matches that blind spot.

    But this guy was turning right, no? I can’t see it. (Heh.)

    My own axe for the grinding: say, this guy didn’t stop before making a right on red, did he? That’s what I’m suspecting happened. There’s a reason you’re supposed to stop and look first, and it’s Katie Kelly on her bicycle!

    Depending on the size of the SUV, if you’d been in your long-neglected Miater, he might not have seen you then, either.

    I guess you should just break down and buy an SUV…

    Or maybe an orange flag? Do they make carbon fiber orange flag brackets nowadays?

    My pops put those 6 foot tall flags on our bikes in the 70’s. It was not a cool feeling, riding around with one of those. In the long run, of course, I realize he was right, and I grew up to be a nerd who drives a Golf.

    What I yell after such encounters on my bike:

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