I Left This Comment on the Specific Pun Message Boards

On the Specific Pun message boards, they’re arguing about the Kyoto Treaty, is global warming really that bad, is saving the planet really worth the costs, and so on. Here’s what I just left as my own response, and I even signed my own name.

I find it bizarre that people argue so much about the legitimacy of global warming claims, but don’t think twice about breathing in nasty air, a much more immediate negative product of the internal combustion engine than the predicted global warming destruction.

Go to Google, click Images, and then type “smog” and “Beijing.” Do you find anything even mildly disturbing? Do these images represent the kind of place you’d want to live in?

Anyway, I’ve thought about it, and there are some consequences of global warming that I’d actually like, should they actually happen. For example, I’d like to live on beach front property without ever having to move. I’ve always been more comfortable in warmer climates as well.

But there is one thing that keeps me from driving, despite all the positive consequences of global warming, and that’s that I seem to be one of the few who actually LIKES the idea of clean air. I’ve been walking, biking and riding the bus long before Al Gore brought global warming to everyone’s attention. I made this choice simply because I like breathing. A lot. My God, people, isn’t that enough? Why does this debate have to be so complicated?

I’ll let you know if I get any response!


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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2 Responses to I Left This Comment on the Specific Pun Message Boards

  1. why aren’t you blogging? I miss you!

  2. ndurou says:

    Happy New Year, Miss Kelly!!

    Where are you? I miss you too.

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