I have not strayed too far. I have been merely conducting research. I’ve been reading perhaps one of the best blogs ever written, by someone who goes by the name “La Miss.” Of course, you have to speak Spanish to understand the true intricacies of her brilliance, but the bright side is, you don’t have to know it that well. Anyway, to illustrate what makes La Miss unique, here I shall attempt to translate for you her most recent post, dated November 23rd, 2007.

Okay so now I’m going to tell you something that I haven’t ever told anybody and that’s when I arrived in Madrid I started to write this blog and then later I noticed that writing is very difficult because there are a lot of letters on the keyboard and it’s not easy to find where some of them are and then because it was taking a long time to write my comments and so I told this really nice guy who I knew who wrote really fast on the computer so I asked him to do me the favor of writing down things as they occurred to me.

Oh, wait, no, if you read more, it would give it all away. But on her original blog, you can read a bit about her very interesting life. Here I will again attempt to translate, but my confession is that her Spanish here is very complex here, so this might not be the best of translations.

About me:I’m a Miss, although I haven’t won Miss Spain, I think that I have qualities to make a name for myself in the world of television and fashion, which are my interests, although right now I’m working to become an author and an actress to prove that Las Misses can do very important things.

Education: One year of high school where they always talked about politics and looked at me all the time.

Vir and Magda and Mateo:My ex-roommates. Vir is unpleasant and a traitor and Magda’s fine but without a personality and Mateo is crazy. Those are my ex-roommates.

A.F.: My manager who’s got one eye watching Murcia [please don’t ask me what this means] and who says that I shine brighter than a star.

E.P.: He is a very nice man with a house that will take your breath away and who wants me to write a book.

Fidel and Ahmed:Two of my boyfriends that I left Fidel because he cheated on me and Ajmed because he’s Muslem and because he has hair on his back.

Again, as I stated earlier, translating this wasn’t very easy because her Spanish is very complicated, rich in subtlety and nuance. If there were ever a reason to learn Spanish, along with Don Quixote and the works of Gabriel García Márquez, I would add Soy una Miss to your list of required reading.


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3 Responses to Research

  1. how about some good dish? how have you weathered the storm? are you riding your bike? what did you get for christmas?

  2. katiekelly says:

    I am not weathering the storm. See my most recent post. But thank you for asking!

  3. ndurou says:

    Believe it or not, behind La Miss there is a man called… Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero!!


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