My Bike Is Better Than Yours, Part I

It’s a bright yellow ’98 Cannondale F700. I bought it on Ebay for $500 after I broke my right collar bone the first time (bike crash). I thought a mountain bike such as this would be a nice incentive for me to find new ways to break bones, once I healed. Only, I never did; I just bounced off a rock one day and went rolling down a cliff instead, which really wasn’t much fun at all. So it hung in my closet for the better part of three years, if not more.

I took it off the rack two weeks ago. Now it’s fitted with Continental Town and Country tires and fenders (well, I’m waiting for the front adapter for the front fender), and it’s way more fun than my car. And my car (see above) is obviously a lot of fun. I need to drive it again, or at least disconnect the battery, so I don’t drain it like last time from disuse.

People complain all the time about not having enough time to work out. Why not go to your local used bike shop or Ebay or whatever, and get yourself a tricked out city bike? You can personalize it with baskets and racks and other doodads, and use it for all sorts of trips and errands.

You can take bikes on the bus, you know. They all have those front racks. You can ride to BART, to the train, or to the ferry. It’s not even that hard. And of course, there are altruistic reasons to do it, like I’m sure it’s nicer to the planet, you’ll save money on gas, and so on.

But the main reason to do it is it’s fun. You see other cyclists on the road, and you wave to them. It’s a way more pleasant social scene than going to, say, bars, which is as competitive and hostile as they come, when you think about it, I mean, if it’s your aim to meet people. You have to look just so, you need the proper mix of cocktails to develop just the right personality, or at least to think you have just the right personality. Out on the bike, all you really need to do is wave and smile at people. Everyone’s too busy trying to stay balanced and avoiding objects than to think about what you look like.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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6 Responses to My Bike Is Better Than Yours, Part I

  1. CP says:

    I must dissent, Katie Kelly!

    My Cannondale F700, also purchased used for a similar price, is just as good as yours!

    Mine is, however, orange, which is… well, it’s a fairly neato color, but your yellow one is more audacious… and I must confess, I saw yours years before I bought mine, so I guess mine’s just a weak imitation.

    Your bike is better than mine, Katie Kelly!

  2. katiekelly says:

    Certainly we can share the honors, CP.

  3. indi says:

    It’s true! You can ride your bike anywhere and do errands and such! I used to ride my bike a lot more before I broke my leg and moved up on a steep hill with a driveway that mimics a roller coaster. This year, I hope to increase the percentage of bike-accomplished errands again.

  4. katiekelly says:

    Let’s ride to the farmer’s market, Indi!

    Your driveway IS steep. Two work arounds: drop your groceries off at my place; or, use your engineering known-how to construct an elevator.

    Both are doable. Or just walk your bike? 🙂

  5. CP says:

    Whoa! Check out the rack on this sweet… bike!

    We’ve been supersizing our SUV’s in this country for years now.

    For these folks, the same idea for bicycles is a great idea.

  6. katiekelly says:

    While not the same as the Boda Bike, I have seen a few “extended cab” bikes in Marin. I saw one model, a converted Klein, with the extended wheelbase, child’s seat, storage for her child’s bicycle and groceries, and the bicycle owner was very much pregnant. This is a lifestyle choice. It’s easy to work hard to pay for an SUV. A lifestyle such as hers takes actual effort. And yet, she was in fantastic shape, and was an inspiration to me.

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