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I just randomly clicked around to, a Marin-based cycling fan site started by Marin IJ and Pez Cycling News contributor Bob Cullinan. This one’s got interesting spin. Check out the Videos link, for example.

The Inside the BMC Car Part II video intrigued me. All that effort, holding that bottle out the window, and the dude takes one sip before chucking it.

These are the not-so-glamorous behind-the-scenes views into real professional racing.

Tim Brennan’s How to Clean and Lube Your Chain video, filmed at Paradigm Cycles in San Anselsmo, was informative.

Ekimov’s video, telling us not to look out the window to check the weather before riding was depressing. He says ride in the rain, no matter what. Okay, that’s why you’re a pro and I have a nice desk job with a warm latte, next. Alberto Contador speaks Spanish with a beautiful, Madrileño accent, but I was awed that Johan Bruyneel could remember all that when he translated. Again, this is why these are the pros, and I’ve finished off yet another latte.

Oh, the sun’s out. Time for a ride.

P.S. When you’re home alone, watch the Levi’s Bike video. You won’t regret it, but you might need a cold shower.


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2 Responses to Click to

  1. Eric Maas says:

    Katie glad you have enjoyed what we are producing. We plan to have much more going up on the site, in the very near future. We have a freebie every week, so be sure and check back.
    See you out there one of these Wednesdays.

    – Eric

  2. katiekelly says:

    Eric, that’s you?! Get down.

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