In Search of… Chris Beneke

Earlier I wrote about Chris Beneke’s long lasting impact on me, and that I still haven’t forgotten his music that I heard in Prague all these years later.

Well, it turns out, I’m not even making this up. I was wondering if maybe my memory was foggy. Well, after some quick Internet research, I have found a blog post that chronicle’s Beneke’s start in the honest folk music movement. I urge you to listen to the two .mp3 files provided in the aforementioned link. If you’re one of those snobs who requires perfect pitch, I would suggest Celine Dion or Debbie Gibson. Otherwise, if you like clever lyrics and catchy melodies, you may enjoy this.

More Internet research indicates that he is now in a band called The Fatal Flaws in Vermont. This clip captures the energy of his life performance, and yet provides a bittersweet antithesis to our hopes and dreams that ran wild in the streets of Prague, before Target moved in.


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One Response to In Search of… Chris Beneke

  1. Hi Katie, I’m Chris Beneke’s wife and bandmate, Sasha Rodriguez. Thanks for your kind words about Chris and his fine songwriting. Just wanted to give you a heads up that he is still making music, and that we will be moving from Vermont to Kansas this August.

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