Team Amway

Yesterday, this was a post about how to go too far in your cycling team recruiting campaign. I’ve taken it all down because the cycling world is very small and it’d just be bad ju ju. So whatever I put in writing, I’m just thinking it very deeply on the inside, just so you know.

Maybe it’s just payback for me. I once tried recruiting for a women’s team (does not exist, never did) in the East Bay. The “team coach” said he needed ten women for it to work, and the pressure was quite strong. Ten people, and they would have to sign a contract, agreeing to committing to the training program and getting results, and of course, paying his monthly coaching bill. It had to be ten, or it wouldn’t be a lucrative business move for him.

In my naivete, I annoyed all my friends about it. It’s a miracle they are still friends with me. They never stopped treating me with kindness. That’s amazing.

So perhaps I should be more kind, but my word, the hardsell to join this club was too much for me. It’s not just from this one person; I get the same spiel from other friends who’ve joined. They talk like they invented the group ride, for example. They’re just so happy now, being on this very special club.  But what they offer isn’t even that different than any other club in the world, but it’s all packaged in such a way that it looks like you’re buying into this community. I think I’m saying too much yet again. Oh well.


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3 Responses to Team Amway

  1. PandaElf says:

    That sounds like any number of teams around here…

    Farch, I wish I hadn’t missed the original version!

  2. katiekelly says:

    I assure you, Elf, this one is a one-of-a-kind. I cannot compare it to anything, except maybe to EST.

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