A Conversation with My Legs

I’m not going to include all the transcripts, but basically, my legs, heart, lungs and I are having this total disagreement presently regarding my training. They haven’t quite gotten the picture that I’m the one in charge.

Like, they haven’t figured out that they’re supposed to adapt. They are not pulling their weight. I’m the one getting them to races and to training rides, I’m the one eating a proper diet, staying hydrated, getting more than enough sleep. And all they do is whine. And I’m saying, Look, this is the way it is. We’re riding over Mt. Tam again this Saturday, plus four or five more hours on Sunday, and you’re just going to have to get used to it.

They protest violently, in the form of subtle but deep aches. I’d like to just ignore it, but they are so persistant, they keep me from thinking about other things. They are sucking every ounce of enjoyment I get out of this life, demanding my attention.

My heart is the most vocal complainer, thumping away in my chest in the most passive aggressive of ways, as if it were saying, Am I beating hard enough for you? Sometimes, it won’t even let me sleep at night, because it keeps this annoying thumping going on, just loud and fast enough to remind me that it’s there, it’s not going to let me down, no matter what hell I put it through. Okay, all right already, heart, I heard you for like the last two weeks.

My legs aren’t much better. Yesterday, I wanted to get more work done, but they walked me, involuntarily, I might add, straight to my bed yesterday afternoon, where I remained for at least two hours. I simply had no choice. There was no negotiating.

So I’ve cut my limbs, heart, and lungs a deal. I said, Okay, you can have Friday off, but Saturday, we’re riding over Mt. Tam. You need to just get over it and adapt, I said. Adapt already.

To be continued.


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4 Responses to A Conversation with My Legs

  1. Emily says:

    I feel your pain. My legs are STILL extremely sore and tired from the effort at Zamora. The older we get, the longer it takes for the body to recover. It sucks!

  2. katiekelly says:

    Is that what this is? We’re getting old? I think it’s that my body isn’t paying attention.

  3. lauren says:

    i can relate. during cross season, sometimes they just won’t get me up out of the chair.

    and i’m 40, but my legs don’t know that.

    just don’t tell your body how old you are.

  4. katiekelly says:

    See, this is when I have to question the whole point of exercise. It’s just more fodder for anti-exercise advocates, who will miss no opportunity to remind you that no one’s ever collapsed or broken a bone eating cheese cake.

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