Look at the Bright Side

The bill for having my car towed from Miguel’s condominium was only $240. The condo manager told me it would probably be $250.

And the condo manager even apologized to me, when he saw me walk outside, looking for Lucy. “Oh, was that your car?” he said. “I didn’t know! You forgot to put the blue pass in the window.”

It’s true. I forgot.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. He called me sweetie.

 And it was such a nice walk to 1080 Brannan street. And I even found a nice bagel and latte place, which is much more filling than Starbucks, and the coffee was better. And even when I lost my grip and almost spilled the latte over my new Banana Republic top, I saved it.  I hardly lost a drop. Life is sweet.

And the guy at A & B Towing was nice to me, too. Even he said he was sorry. He reminded me it could have been so much worse; I could have parked on a city street, and gotten a ticket, he said. Or I could have accidentally driven into a cement barrier. It’s all about how you look at it.

I mean, so what that I’m already broke, and now I can’t afford to do anything, not even go to the Kern County Stage Race. I could have accidentally walked in to a running chain saw and lost a leg.

It could always, always be so much worse.

Then I went to the orthodontist and learned that I will never, ever get these braces off, as long as I live.

At least I have teeth!

It helps when the sun’s shining.


About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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3 Responses to Look at the Bright Side

  1. mhernandez says:

    NOOO!!! you must come to Kern!

    sell some blood! oh, wait…

    sorry to hear about the car. i hate that kind of crap.

    best of luck wit’it all,

  2. Natalia says:

    The caravan I was traveling on around Europe got towed in Prague. With my cat as the only witness. I think it was $100 or less but the officers in that police station were pretty rude actually. Kind of yelling all the time. We couldn’t find any common language between us, nor Spanish, English, French… do you believe that? The only thing they were saying in English was “Big problem!” jejeje it’s true

    Soooooo… Yes, life is sweet.

    pd. I read your post about Bo Derek and I was going to write something about Dudley Moore as an important clue to consider in the interpretation of your dream but then I forgot… Sorry.

  3. katiekelly says:

    I want to know more about Dudley Moore. I think he might have been in the shower with us.

    I never had an encounter with the Czech police, but the idea of it sounds terribly frightening.

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