Stuff I Dig

These are just some random things that I like, in no particular order.

  • Russian Language and Culture Blog. It’s just my favorite blog. I spent four days in St. Petersburg several years ago, and ever since I’ve wondered, and I mean no offense, is it possible to live in Russia and be happy at the same time? This blog answers that question and more.
  • Coffee. This goes without saying.
  • Italian. I’m only on lesson four, but now I can say Non credo che sia giusto (I don’t think that would be right), complete with arm gestures, and I think that’s cool and will one day be useful.
  • Riding my bike in conjunction with working at home and flex time. I do believe this makes me very lucky.
  • My job. See item above.
  • The San Anselmo Coffee Roastery. This combines several of my favorite things into one complete social package.
  • Lauren Haughey’s Blog. She’s just so dang honest and funny and she writes these stream-of-conscious posts about pot and dildos and stuff, and she’s a real life mom at the same time who races bikes in kneehighs.
  • Riding the bus on Wednesday evenings to Ross Commons. I take the bus over there, and meet up with my friends who actually enjoy running for rather long periods of time, and then we go out to eat afterwards, and someone gives me a ride home. How I met these people is a funny story, actually. I used to run myself. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I had already been living in Marin for maybe six or seven years, but after my grandmother died, I had no social life whatsoever, other than friends who lived in San Francisco and liked going to bars and stuff, which isn’t so bad if you like staying awake all night to trick yourself into believing you’re not lonely, but once I hit thirty-something, I needed a new outlet, and running would be it for at least a couple of years, until I somehow got brainwashed into completing an ultra marathon. I hadn’t even tried a 10k before, but if you hang out with these people long enough, they make ultra marathoning (50k or more) seem “normal.” So I ran this ultra marathon, the Cool Canyon 50k to be exact, and I only turned my right ankle maybe twenty or thirty times, so I walked, limped, and then crawled a great deal of it, and a friend thought I needed medical attention and called the paramedics, but they time they got to my locale, I’d already crawled onwards to the finish, and I did finish, in 6:45, and about two weeks later, I decided that racing bikes might seem more sane. So that’s how I started cycling, actually. Much easier on the joints, but I should also admit that Mary Fagan and Trish Wallace had also started cycling, and although they were and are much faster runners than I could ever aspire to be, on the bike I could kick their hollow boned butts. So that was another motivator. Well, meanwhile, then I got distracted, although I dare say it was a very worthwhile destraction, and I started going to SF quite a lot, like I was almost living there, but paying rent in Marin, and it was becoming very stressful for many reasons, with no end to this pattern in sight, and I lost touch with all my friends at Ross Commons. And so I stopped going to SF, got back on the bus, and there were all my friends. It’s like they were waiting for me all this time. Which reminds me, we’re having a potluck tonight, so I better get moving.

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I grew up in a parking lot.
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2 Responses to Stuff I Dig

  1. indi says:

    We *were* waiting for you, saying, “I wonder what Katie Kelly is up to.” And now you’re here!

  2. lauren says:

    oh good lord!

    i was just searching around on google, using my name, wondering if prospective employers do that as well and i found this post!


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