Here’s a Ride Report

I’ll get to my Mt. Hamilton race report in a minute or a day or two. In the meantime, here is a ride report.

My ride report goes like this. Saturday was Team DFL’s Fairfax – Chileno Valley – Fairfax: a Tribute to the European Classics ride that I had read about on NorCal Cycling News.

The route was simple: Fairfax to Nicasio to the Cheese Factory, left on Hicks Valley Road, right up Wilson Hill, continue straight, left on Spring Hill Road,
left on Bodega, left on Tomales, right back up Wilson Hill, right towards the Marshall Wall, climb the Marshall wall, turn left to Pt. Reyes Station, have a
snack, continue past Olema, turn left up Bolinas-Fairfax, climb, drop back down to Fairfax, chocolate milk. Ninety-four miles.

I said, Are you crazy? I’m not riding 94 miles for chocolate milk when I can buy that on my own.

So I thought I’d at least start with them, and not worry too much about being dropped, just because Rachel Lloyd was doing the ride, too. This could be a growing experience.

So, anyway, there were were, climbing up Golf Course Hill, and I was thinking to myself, Self, you have arrived. This is painless. You are going to make ’em
pay today, I can feel it.

And then someone said, “Hey, Rachel, why don’t you show us what you’re made of.”

A little while later, I saw the group softpedaling up ahead.

I’m fast forwarding past the part where Rachel showed us what she was made of.

So I attacked up that little rise, that little rise no one likes, because just when you think it should be over, you learn it really isn’t, and when Rachel went
by me, I saw her yawning.

At the time, I told myself it was her grimace of pain, but no, she was really yawning.

Then she sprinted through the entire town of Nicasio, and looked backat all of us like we were wimps, and all the boys melted, and I found my new hero.

And then we got to Petaluma road, and my riding companion said, “I’m turning left,” and I said, “Fine, whatever, I’m riding with the big dogs today,” and by the time I turned my head back to the road it was too late, they were already halfway up the hill to the Cheese Factory and I never saw them again.


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