It Takes a Cyclist Village

Now even cyclists have one more reason not to leave their homes. Move over Facebook, now there’s something cheesier useful.  It’s called the Cyclist Village, a social networking site just for cyclists.

You know I had to sign up.

If it looks something like The Broad Band Racer, it’s because it’s made by the same folks who bring to you The Broad Band Racer.

It’s got a forum, blogs, classified ads, an event calendar, regular riding groups, just everything that matters to cyclists like you and me.

But most importantly, you get to add to your collection of friends, and display this list to all.

You can even “order” your friends so that the important ones appear on your profile page. I always knew that was something that sets cyclists apart from the rest of the world. We are constantly concerned about our ranking, whether it be results or where we fit on the social hierarchy. Good for the Cycling Village for exploiting our subtle little quirks.

One potentially critical observation I have is that I just received an invitation to become friends with “Bikey Bobblehead”. Well, I don’t know anyone named Bikey Bobblehead. This could be an awkward situation.  I saw his attached photo in his friendship request, and yes, it’s a man on the bike, go figure, but other than that, I have no idea who it is.

On the other hand, hey, at least I know we share the same interests. Sure, let’s be friends!

Check it out and if you sign up, please add me as a friend, because I only have a couple, and that’s including Bikey Bobblehead, and I’m feeling lonely.

Funny I didn’t feel that way when I was just riding my bike outside.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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3 Responses to It Takes a Cyclist Village

  1. velogirl says:

    you were my first cyclingvillage friend.

    did someone in MarinCO build the site? I couldn’t find contact info but the density of registrations were northbayers.

  2. You can order your friends on myspace too.

    There’s already a ‘facebook for cyclists’ called…

  3. katiekelly says:

    To Velo Girl: I am flattered! And yes, it was started by a fellow who rides with us from the Paradigm shop (listed in the groups section), named Jim Fryer, former pro cyclist, and nice guy to boot.

    To Messenger of Doom: I just checked out Same concept, different accent, it seems. All seem fine, but if I spend more time on-line than I do riding my bike, then I’ve got a problem. 🙂

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