Three Things that Made Me Happy, Today

  1. A second person has confused me with Rachel Lloyd. This time, it happened at a stop light. “Rachel?” said the other cyclist. Ha ha ha ha, I said. This happens all the time. Ha ha ha ha ha. The really weird thing is that this fellow actually knows me from our masters swim team at Marin Academy, so how made this mistake, I have no idea. The first time, a woman — who also knows me  — congratulated me for my 9th at the cyclocross worlds. Is it the braid? The ProMan kit that I stole and only wear when I know they’re out of town? What is it. Notice that it only happens when I’m stopped, and not riding.
  2. CycleTo has given me an official title on Facebook: Russian Translator. The beauty of claiming to speak a language written in Cyrillic is even if I didn’t speak Russian, how would they ever know. I mean, really. Nonetheless, I feel honored to be on a panel of such distinguished experts that includes Tim Brennan as the Chief Mechanic, Marvin Zauderer as Mental Coaching Consultant, and Elmo Shropshire as Musical Director, just to name a few.
  3. My friend Lesley gave me some extra brownies yesterday, and I ate all of them.

About katiekelly

I grew up in a parking lot.
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