Six Weeks To Go

I have six weeks to go ’til I get these braces off. By the time I get them off, I think it will have been nearly two years of metal mouth. I’ve grown used to them. I will be sad to see them go. They make me look younger.

These last six weeks are going to be the toughest, however, because I have entered the stage that is called Elastic Eternity, which isn’t really for an eternity, it’s only six weeks, but it is not an enjoyable sensation and it feels like an eternity.

If I were supposed to live in a liquid diet, I could see this as killing two birds with one stone, but as it is, I’m a cyclist by passion, so having my mouth rubberbanded shut like this makes downing the Clif Shot Bloks a messy proposition. Spaghetti with tomato sause is even worse.

I have five rubberbands in my mouth, four wrapped around two top and two bottom teeth, and one wrapped around one fang, and two bottom teeth. So when I open my mouth, you see about ten vertical rubber bands extended from a top tooth to bottom tooth, for all of the teeth in my mouth. Practically. I can barely open it.

I’m sure for some who know me, this might not be so bad.



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One Response to Six Weeks To Go

  1. pedro says:

    pictures please! i want to see your rubber-metal mouth preserved for posterity.

    and opening will be better, I promise.

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