Going to the Grocery Store

A Trip to the Grocery Store
A Trip to the Grocery Store

I was first going to start with how my Boppy and Grandma first met, and that was on a blind double date in Detroit, Michigan, in 1928, when my Boppy bravely dove into a rooftop hotel swimming pool, admitting to no one that he did not know how to swim, believing, somehow, that his mental calculations, in which he predicted that the trajectory of his dive, would be enough to propel him across the length of the pool. It’s a good thing Grandma dove in after him to save his life. 

There is no painted documentation of this moment, just family folklore, that is 100% true, by the way. But we need to start from the beginning, so let us do that with my Grandma Cathy’s very first memory of her whole life, documented above in watercolor. It’s just a typical day in the life of Minneapolis in 1910, when the family would go grocery shopping in one big pack. That’s Grandpa Cotter pushing the stroller, and that’s my Grandma Cathy, the world famous artist, sitting in the stroller, accepting cheese from the very nice man in the apron. This should dispel the myth, I believe, than men who push strollers or who wear aprons are pansies. Who started that one.  

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One Response to Going to the Grocery Store

  1. Indi Young says:

    These paintings are gorgeous and detailed and I’m so glad you’re telling the story behind them! The story means so much!

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