No. No. No.

Every Thursday evening is the Farmer’s Market. Oh goody. There are five musical acts a week, scattered in various parts of downtown San Rafael, to entertain and inspire shoppers looking for clothing bargains, fresh produce, and farmers. I guess.

I thought I lived in the Acoustic Corner. By the way, as I type, it’s very hard to focus, due to the music pulsating from my street into my eardrums. Anyway, I thought I lived on the Acoustic Corner. That is, every act in this section has always been acoustic, not counting the Line Dancing Sorcerers.

But this week, by bad luck of the draw, I get the Junior High School Rock Band.

Adults provide electric accomponiment to pre-teens screeching out rock and roll classics.

They are getting really into it.

Led Zepellin just sounds different. That’s all I really want to say.

Someone. Please. Help me.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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9 Responses to No. No. No.

  1. katiekelly says:

    I stand corrected. This is a six piece band of junior high school kids, including a drummer, two keyboardists, two vocalists, and a violinist.

    I feel better now.

  2. Jake says:

    Yeah, so I can’t promise it’s going to be better, but it may be different from both Led Zepellin and a truckload of pre-teen Guitar Center groupies. The San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra well be performing at Mt. Tam UMC (I think) Sun, Oct 26, 4pm – 7pm

    410 Sycamore Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941

    (This represents my “life after autocross” activity.)

  3. Jake says:

    It looks like we’re going to be background music for a dinner fundraiser that weekend. I don’t know the details on what it will cost to get in there, but I think we’re having a concert the following weekend in Marin as well. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  4. Jake says:

    Why do I have a bunnypickleasaurus icon?

  5. katiekelly says:

    Yes, Jake, just keep me posted. I can’t wait!

    WordPress has some type of automated icon forming algorithm, based on, get this, your personal energy field. This is your special icon and it will never change as long as you live.

  6. Kevin says:

    Oh no…

    What the heck is my icon?

  7. pedro says:

    please explain my icon and my energy field, that should be a brief blog post.

    i’ll hold my breath til it comes up

  8. katiekelly says:

    I will have to investigate this, but Kevin and Pedro, you both have bat wings, but yet Kevin is a Republican and Pedro is a Democrat. So there must be some deeper explanation. I’ll check the WordPress FAQ. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

  9. Jake says:

    San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra will be playing selections from Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances along with contemporary repertoire at 4 pm Sunday, October 26th, at the Mount Tamalpais Methodist Church, 410 Sycamore Ave in Mill Valley
    7:30 pm Saturday. Donations are $15/$10, and refreshments will be provided at intermission.

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