Could I Be a Facebook Fatality?

There are many good things about Facebook, this new social networking tool that is all the rage, when it comes to getting in touch with long lost friends and being cutesy flirty through out your day, instead of actually going outside and talking to people.

But then there is one bad thing that I can think of right this very minute, and I that is that I think that these relationship status updates, Facebook’s most prominent feature, can be very damaging to relationships of any sort. Let’s take it to one very possible extreme.

Let’s say you thought your twelve-year marriage has been bliss, and then you go to your husband’s profile, and under relationship status you see that he’s selected “It’s complicated.”

This can present a whole new dynamic into the relationship.

Let’s say, you find this information shocking, because just last week, he brought you a dozen red roses, and was talking about mowing the lawn again, so you think everything’s fine. So something like this can make things just a little bit more awkward now. 

So maybe you’re uncomfortable asking him about it. Can you imagine the conversation? “Honey, I saw on your Facebook account that you thought our relationship was complicated. Would you want to talk about it?”

I suppose to save yourself from the discomfort, you could always send a your husband a message using Facebook’s handy messaging tool, or even leave a note on his Wall, if perhaps private messaging is too intimate.

Or send him a L’il Green Patch, a sort of olive branch of the new millenium, if you will. Poke him. Super Poke him! There are many things you can do to salvage the relationship.

Just in case that living in this kind of terror isn’t entirely necessary, I decided to move my relationship status back to private, having changed it the week prior, under the assumption that only people who know me in my day-to-day life should know these things.

So I patted myself on the back for removing myself from this game, and then I received notification that a friend had left a comment on my status update. S I logged back in to assess the damage. And there, at the top of my “News Feed,” I saw that Facebook announced, Katie Kelly is no longer listed as single.

Okay, wait a minute. That is taking information entirely out of context.

So I was standing in the check out line in Whole Foods, and was thumbing through a copy of one of their trendy magazines that I’m too cheap to buy, but there was an article from some hipster who wrote all about how he finally cancelled his Facebook account. It was all of a sudden. he had logged in to change some piece of information, and then, before he could stop himself, he just up and cancelled the whole thing.

I didn’t read the whole article because we had to get going, but I’m assuming he’s better off now. But I have to think that cancelling his Facebook account might actually make his life more difficult. He’s going to have to just interact with people, without clicking buttons. He’s going to have to actually work for it. I wish him luck.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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7 Responses to Could I Be a Facebook Fatality?

  1. Kevin says:

    Sorry – can’t comment now… Facebooking…

  2. The Wife still lists her status on Facebook as married to me even though she commented on one of your earlier posts that she would be leaving me to marry a horse …

    There are subtle ways that more information than you want about your personal relationships can ‘leak’ onto Facebook. One person I knew commented on a photo posted on Facebook by another party; when I looked at that photo, and more in the series, I saw a friend and former co-worker getting very friendly with a woman other than his wife. When I mentioned the photos he offered that his wife is now his ex-wife; he was obviously in emotional pain and not wanting that status made public. Gotta watch not only what you put on there, but also what other folks might post.

  3. pedro says:

    so wait, are you single, or not anymore, or were you not single and now you are again?

    dam, I need some help. hey, i’m gonna be in MArin for Nikky D’s housewarming, will I see you in the evening? I hope so, I’ll bring some bitches down, yo.

  4. Kelly says:

    you’ve clearly never had the changing the facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ talk. it’s like a new level in dating.

  5. Bob says:

    hmmm…i think you need to get out and ride your bike a bit more.

    step away from the keyboard…it’ll be ok w/o you for a while.

  6. katiekelly says:

    The off season is very hard on me.

  7. off the back says:

    So, following the logic of your “single/not single” incident; If I were to make my relationship status of “married” “private”, a message would go out to all of my Facebook “friends” to let them know that I was no longer listed as “married”.

    This could be problematic.

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