How to Get Hit By a Car and Laugh About It

If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

I rode into a passing woma’s car, in an intersection, which prevented me, and rather rudely, I might add, from making that left turn.

She clipped my shoulder, and I went down. It happened quickly, but gracefully.

Pardon me for my brevity, but I’ve only been talking about this ad nauseum since last Wednesday, when it happened.

Which is too bad, because I had this whole clever blog post in my head about it, especially right afterwards, when I guess you might say I was inspired. Some might say I was shaken up, but whatever, there was a definite emotional charge.

My first thought, as I lay there on the pavement, was that I was going to get run over by another car, and so I screamed madly for help. Finally, a young gentleman ran to my assistance, and asked me what I was doing there.

I told him it just seemed like a nice place for a nap, really, and I asked him if he could overt the traffic, because it was making too much noise.

My next thought was that I had broken my pelvis, because it hurt there, a lot. But then I realized I could move my toes, and then my feet, and I just worked my way up beyond my femurs, and managed to stand up and walk.

Some nice ladies who work in the bank on the corner invited me in for tea.

The lady who hit me, Dawn, was very nice. She said she didn’t know I was turning left, but seeing that I was in the middle of the lane, she tried to give me even more room as she passed me. But how was she to know that I was actually turning? She never expected that I’d actually ride into her door.

And I thought, that was awfully nice of her to do that, until many hours later, long after the police had decided not to write the report, that she was passing me on the left, even crossing the median, in an intersection. Hello.

I expected terrible bruising and soreness, but the only bruise I can see is on my knee, from the top tube. And I did something to my tailbone, and it doesn’t like it when I stand on the climbs, or when I get out of chairs.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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5 Responses to How to Get Hit By a Car and Laugh About It

  1. Holy cow… Glad you’re ok, but dang… The cops where you live sound like idiots.
    I have a very old tailbone injury, which sounds like you’re describing. I fractured my coccyx, which was (and still can be) very, very painful. The only relief seemed to be to put pressure on it when it was flaring up, but one can’t really walk around with a finger stuck into the top of your buttcrack without attracting a LOT of attention (and a lot of snickers).
    Did you go see a doctor?

  2. Kelly says:

    yeah i dont know how people laugh about that shit

    hope youre ok

  3. girochatterbox says:

    Ow. I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m glad you’re OK. Hope the tailbone doesn’t give you too much grief.

  4. Sorry to here about your crash. Hopefully you haven’t done something permanent. I hope you see your doctor soon in case it is something you need to check out right away. Liz Hatch had a nasty crash yesterday doing 45 mph down a hill. I don’t know all the details, but she is in a lot of pain and will be off the bike for a week or so in her words. I pulled somethng in my right leg and I hope that isn’t serious. I hate medical bills, and the bike is the only vice I have.

  5. Jake says:

    Glad you’re okay, Katie. Please stop hitting cars.. You KNOW how much it costs to get cyclist marks buffed out of them.

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