I’m Not Blogging

It’s terrible. I blame it on two or three things:

  • Facebook
  • My new iPhone
  • The Facebook app. on my iPhone

I think I might have mentioned Facebook elsewhere on my blog. It consumes me. How else can I find out if Bridget showered today? Or if Janice runs to the store for Zicam or not? Or how long Cat stays stuck in an airport?

I have to know these things. But what’s worse is the time I used to spent blogging about my life, in a few short yet meaningful paragraphs, I can now sum up in one-sentence updates. So, for all of you who’ve tuned into my blog over the last several weeks, hoping for some kind of message, I offer you my most recent Facebook status updates:

  • Katie was singled out and used as a shining example in front of the class of everything wrong about cyclists in spin class.
  • Katie is a criterium demon starting tomorrow.
  • Katie is not waking up.
  • Katie is growing tired of people rummaging through her car in the middle of the night.
  • Katie just wants to be liked!
  • Katie has decided not to race the Paris-Roubaix after all.
  • Katie is so mad at the spin instructor at her gym! She hasn’t been this mad in such a long time! It feels so strange!
  • Katie says Happy Quirky Alone Day!
  • Katie says Urban Spoon for the iPhone. Shake it!
  • Katie got a very nice e-mail in response to my complaint from Gunther the Grumpy Spin Instructor’s manager, in case anyone wants to know.
  • Katie is a little off.
  • Katie is very much not happy about her upset tummy situation.
  • Katie wishes she were out riding her bike, but sitting in a noisy Peet’s with a book and latte will have to do.
  • Katie is being stalked on the sidewalk by some dude who claims I stole his iPhone.
  • Katie wants to order a burrito but they’re not answering which means she has to get up and order in person and the whole thought of this is making her very emotional.
  • Katie would really like a 7-Up now and sadly knows what it will take to make that happen.
  • Katie is hiding in a bathroom stall.
  • Katie wants to nap so badly.
  • Katie is giving up Lent for Facebook.

Well, that covers the past couple of days.

I blame Facebook for influencing me to cave in and buy an iPhone, another reason why I have neglected blogging. The iPhone, for those of you completely out of touch with modern day life, is a telephone, a computer, and a Sony Walkman, all in one. You can send text messages on it, you can send e-mails on it, you can check the weather on it, you can look at maps on it, and then what you can do is download what they call “apps”, which is short for “applications”. But if you say “applications” I assure you you will sound like a complete dork.

The first app I downloaded was Facebook, naturally. But now I need to tell you the events that led up to this moment, the day I scheduled an appointment and then rode my bike to the Apple store in the mall.

It was a Saturday, and I met up with some friends for a bike ride. We stopped in Stinson Beach for a pose down, naturally. Nancy recorded these moments on her iPhone. I share with you one photo from this event here with you, now.

When I Finish Up with Bike Racing I Shall Transition to Body Building

When I Finish Up with Bike Racing I Shall Transition to Body Building

 Within just a few minutes, these photos (not all are shown) appeared on Facebook.

This is when I knew that I just had to get an iPhone. I needed one. I think the reasons should be obvious by now.

So far, I, too, have provided fascinating pieces of photodocumentation from my iPhone onto Facebook. Here is one of note.


This is Mila My Cat

This is Mila My Cat

Thus, I think this explains, moderately well, my blogging absence. Please don’t think I am proud of this, but perhaps you can understand why.

I once had visions of actually sitting down and writing beyond the blog, but blogging took too much time. Now I don’t even blog because Facebook takes up too much time.

It’s my hope that real writers and artists and musicians of note don’t join the Facebook craze, or nothing of value will ever be produced again.

On that note, you’ve been poked!


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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4 Responses to I’m Not Blogging

  1. velogirl says:

    guilty, as charged

  2. olivier says:

    Is there not a WordPress app? – Also, while I agree that the album cover thing was way better than a chain letter (and yours was utterly fantastic) our attempt was derailed by the band’s name: Pioneer Investments. Cheating, the next name was no better. Dog Park, the third try, was adequate but almost fitted the picture too well. At least the album title rocked: “The way the world works.” Of course we blew it, but it was fun trying.

    • katiekelly says:

      I think Pioneer Investments would work just fine. It’s all about the layout. Don’t hold back!

      There is a WordPress app, but I can’t figure out how to get to this blog from it. Seems I’d have to create a new one. I don’t know how I feel about that.

      I want to see your album cover! The future of my blog depends on it.

  3. Indi Young says:

    Glad to see Mila is taking this whole iPhone/Facebook thing with patience. That *is* an expression of patience, isn’t it?

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