My Bike Is Better than Yours, Part II

My Happy Yellow Cannondale

My Happy Yellow Cannondale

It’s a 1998 Cannondale F700, purchased on eBay in 2002 for $500, while I was recovering with my arm in a sling from my first broken collarbone (on the right side). My thought was that now that I’d been officially indoctrinated into the world of cycling and broken bones, I might as well go all the way and try mountain biking.

Then a little while later, I went mountain biking and rolled down a cliff cracked my helmet and gave myself a nice concussion, and reasoned that at least when I go down on a road bike, I can blame someone else.

Since then, I’ve tried riding in the dirt several more times, with the best friends in the world who’ve all told me I’d have a much better time on a newer bike. They are so full of it. I love them.

I dreamt of fenders over a year ago, but the guys at one particular shop who that I will not mention said that due to my Cannondale’s particular design in the fork regions, full fenders would not be possible; I’d have to go with a clip-on variety that seemed more suited for a BMX bike, not a rockin’ city bike like my own, and even that would require some adapter thingy, they said, which I ordered, and have since lost, but oh well.

Oh well, because in the middle of our last rain storm, I e-mailed my friend Tim Brennan at Paradigm Cycles in San Anselmo, and asked him what he thought of fenders on my Cannondale.

“Totally doable,” he said. “E-mail me pictures of the forks, so I can make sure.”

Which I did, and within a week, my new SKS fenders arrived from Quality Bike Products (QPB) in Minnesota. Tim spent a good hour fighting with my bike to put them on — it wasn’t as easy as he had thought! — and the result is the city bike of my dreams.




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2 Responses to My Bike Is Better than Yours, Part II

  1. lauen says:

    nice! it’s very cute.

  2. Wayne says:

    Hi Katie Kelly,
    I have this same exact Cannondale F700 & am currently converting it almost exactly as you have. I put a pannier rack on the back for bags & am going a little skinnier on the tires. I’ve been shopping for fenders but have been worried that the headshok fork design will get in the way when I stumbled upon your page. Can you tell me exactly which SKS fenders you purchased & if you have any tips about putting them on? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m psyched to see your bike with fenders, both our bikes are yellow too, cool~

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