I Like Beating Boys on My Bike

Bike racing is cool, but I like beating boys on my bike.

I like hearing them come up behind me at the base of a climb, for example, talking all manly-like, and then I like to continue at my happy little pace and notice that they stop talking and then I don’t see them again, ’til the next rest stop.

I like giving them a head start on the descents, and then catching up to them.

This is enjoyable for me. It’s more satisfying often times than any road race.

This all started in my childhood. When we raced Green Machines on my street in Pleasanton, I was faster than all the boys in our Virgin Islands Court Race Series, sponsored by Kool Aid. They wouldn’t ride with me. I’d get to the front and start pedaling, and as soon as I’d pull away, they’d stop.

My mom said it was because they didn’t like being beaten by a girl, and so I should let them go first, she said, so they could think that they were faster.

So I let them go first, and then they would ride with me, but it was not satisfying at all.

That’s when it all started. Then, growing up in autocross, which isn’t even a physical sport — that much — I got more of the same  message, and that message was that men don’t like losing to women, so women can autocross in the Ladies class, separate from the men, and everyone will be happy.

So I just had this rammed down my throat, from a very early age, and I always resisted it because I thought it was so stupid.  Yes, I was allowed to be this racecar driver, but I had to do it with manners. I was supposed to stay in my place.

I didn’t like that very much, and eventually raced — and beat — the boys. I finally accepted that when you grow up, you get to be the kid you always wanted to be. And when you’re a kid, you get to be a super hero.

I always wanted to be Super Man with a pony tail.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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12 Responses to I Like Beating Boys on My Bike

  1. Kevin says:

    A man’s squashed ego is a messy thing to try to clean up. I don’t think that even simple green (undiluted) will clean it up. I think the only solution is sexual favors – but we don’t like to talk about that…

    p.s. And yes – men are pigs. Pigs are kind, gentle, intelligent animals…

  2. katiekelly says:

    Whoa, wait, I don’t think I did a good job with this post. What I mean is, I was indoctrinated with this philosophy that men don’t like losing to women, so we all have to tone down our own selves to cater to their insecurities. But then what I discovered is quite the opposite.

    I go on rides all the time with men, and I’m not feeling the gender wars. My experience contradicts what I was taught. The warning was either going to be that I couldn’t hack it doing so-called manly stuff, or if I could, the men wouldn’t like it, and they’d throw a hissy fit. Either way, don’t try.

    That warning was complete bunk!

  3. Jake says:

    Chicks that win are hot. 😉

  4. Jim Bonnet says:

    Just dont beat me 🙂

    • katiekelly says:

      Okay. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s you.

      • Jim Bonnet says:

        I can’t belive it is YOU.. Too funny! I too have been riding bikes.. a lot.. I crashed at wente crit breaking my collar bone 😦 So I’m on the trainer now.. I ride for San Jose Bike Club..

      • katiekelly says:

        I broke my right collar bone two times. So sorry you crashed! The Wente Crit is evil. Before you get back into shape, let’s go on a ride so I can beat you. 🙂

  5. Caren Bonnet Nesset says:

    You beat my brother, the psycho bike rider!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

    :0) Caren Bonnet

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