Another Pet Peeve: Running a Red Light When Your Riding Partner Stops

So you’re riding along on your bike with a friend at chit chat pace, and you reach a stop sign or a red light. You slow to a stop, because you don’t want a ticket or to get killed, and your friend keeps on pedaling, leaving you behind.

The first offense is minor, but when your friend ushers you to hurry up, then it becomes a gross infraction.

The above is connected to another pet peeve, and that is when cyclists run red lights and stop signs and nearly get hit by drivers, and then yell at drivers.

Which brings me to another pet peeve of mine, which is actually elevated to a higher level of annoyance, and that’s when drivers proceed to drive dangerously close to cyclists because they may have broken the law.

This is a two-parter. Yes, the cyclist was in the wrong, and had the driver still regarded that cyclist’s right to life, I would point the finger of blame strictly onto the cyclist. But then when drivers get all high and mighty and start playing God behind the wheel — “Break the law and I will kill you!” — then I have issues.

It’s all so complicated.


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I grew up in a parking lot.
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3 Responses to Another Pet Peeve: Running a Red Light When Your Riding Partner Stops

  1. Kelly says:

    when i first learned to ride my bike, i was not the most awesome stopper and starter ever, so I would slow down and kinda do a nod/wave/see that the cars were stopped and keep moving. one time i was already in the intersection and this car started and tried to run right into me and i fell off my bike. then they gave me a lecture about stop signs. so worth killing someone over.

  2. Caren says:

    You are inspiring me to write about my pet peeves…. stay tuned to my blog. 😉

    xoxo C

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